Portrait of an Artisan~ Thomas Chien

Thomas Chien

Exhibiting at the Artisans at the Distillery Mid-Summer Art & Craft Show

Aug 4-6 Civic Holiday Weekend 11am-6pm Daily

My passion of designing and making jewelry comes from the thrill of turning an abstract design in mind to an actual tangible piece.  As a designer, I am ambitious to see the astonished expression from people when the design exceeds their expectation and imagination. Crafting a jewelry piece usually is a long process, but the satisfaction that comes from completing the piece makes it worth the work.

With influences of my engineer background, I pursue an intricate balance between preciseness and visual expression. All of my artworks are hand sawed, filed and braided. I normally start with forming a picture in my mind, and then try to make it out with physical materials and change it as I go. The constant pondering of different possibilities and modifications is the source to my innovative soul.  Darnel & Co. jewelry features four bigger silver rings at the end of each piece. It is designed to be length-flexible so that you can adjust it to a best fit.

My favorite material is sterling silver, not only because its affordability and malleability, but that it represents freedom: it can be shaped into almost any form imaginable. I enjoy the freedom to create and I demand my creation to be accessible, functional and beautiful. I believe simplicity is the core element that would unite these qualities in my design.

Posted on July 8, 2012 .