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Big Village features beads from Ghana, Africa.  We create unique, signature jewellery
as well as fun and affordable pieces using the recycled glass beads from
Ghana, Africa. Not only are our designs unique but because of the handmade
process of the beads, not one bead is ever the same.   The beads are
produced in a small family run business and are made from glass bottles,
windows, and car windshields.  The entire bead making process is completed
by hand; no machines are used in creating the beads or jewellery.  Big
Village is excited to educate the public and spread the story of
sustainability, resourcefulness and beauty of the people of Ghana, Africa.
Big Village is committed to Fair Trade practices and while visiting our
partners in Ghana in April, we ensured that these practices were being used
including no child or slave labour, a fair wage is being paid, safe working
environments are provided,  and high environmental standards are put into


Posted on June 13, 2012 .