Artfest Kingston News

I just returned from a two day trip to Kingston with many planning meetings completed. Everything for the show is falling beautifully into place.

Found out some great news. The year 2012 is the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812. There are celebrations taking place across Canada. The BIGGEST event is being held in Kingston on Canada Day Weekend. They are expecting 60,000 people to be attending...with part of the event across the street from City Park where our show is. The organizers of the 1812 event are keen on partnering with us and promoting our show. This will surely be a boost for our attendance!

Kedco, the Kingston Economic Development Corp, has agreed to be a partner with Artfest Kingston. This is a very important partnership. They will help promote and market Artfest Kingston to their local and tourism audience.

More exciting partnerships are in the works. Check back soon for more good news.



Posted on April 21, 2012 .