Josée Savaria


Born in Varennes, Québec, Josée Savaria has always loved to draw. She trained as a graphic designer in Montréal, but found a preference for painting. Now living in Newmarket, Josée creates mixed media pieces that are unique and whimsical. She is particularly captivated by marine life and the endless variety of form and function found among creatures of the sea.

Josée strives to capture this diversity in her work. Integrating and adapting the varied facets of colour and material, the end results are fanciful, stylized and vibrant ocean views presented as landscapes and seascapes: the dynamic edge where the terrestrial world meets the marine.

Posted on September 1, 2019 .

Vin Singh


Award winning photographer Vin Singh studied physics but found his expression with a camera. He seeks the beauty of the natural world with his lens.

Having studied photography with courses in photography at University of Waterloo and Ontario College of Arts, Vin's work has been showcased in Photolife, B+W and Silvershotz magazines and recognized as "World Class Photographer of the 118th Toronto International Salon of Photography".

Posted on September 1, 2019 .

Simon Schneiderman Art

Simon Schneiderman recently traded his lawyer’s robe for his beret and can be found in his studio full time working on drawings and fine art paintings in acrylic and oil. Simon tells stories through painting and writing.

Simon Schneiderman has been drawing since he was in his 20's and, as a professional writer, developed a writer's block. He needed a way to express himself and took drawing classes. He has never looked back. Words play an important role in some of Simon's narrative artwork. As a now retired lawyer Simon found a lot of downtime in court and would draw what he saw - lawyers and judges. He started a comic strip for the Law Times magazine which later became the theme for a series of paintings. Humour and the law, as well as interpersonal relationships, are the subject of Schneiderman's current paintings.

Posted on September 1, 2019 .

Sara Purves

The bright and colourful art by Sara Purves will uplift you and make you feel good, even just for a moment. A graduate of OCADU and the Claude Watson School for the Arts, Sara is transitioning from a career in graphic design to becoming a full time artist.

Posted on August 31, 2019 .

Lorie Slater Photography

Lorie Slater photographs the Toronto she loves. And she loves when people recognize parts of their city that means something to them. Lorie's photographs are mounted on wood panels and covered in resin or can be printed on metal.

Lorie worked most of her life in the music industry, but after being laid off couple of times, she decided it was time to pursue her passion for photography. Having created stock photography for decades and photographing for her own enjoyment, making the change to full time photography was a challenge. But now, Lorie says being laid off was the best thing that could have happened to her.

Posted on August 31, 2019 .

Pepi Design

Pepita Arden of Pepi Design create one of a kind pieces made from stained glass and Swarovski crystals set as mosaic on wood or metal recycled bases.

About Pepita Arden
Although I spent my childhood in Romania, my youth and adult life has taken me all over the globe. This rich cultural diversity to which I was exposed helped to form my love of art and respect for people of all backgrounds. I have always had an artistic soul, which was traditionally expressed through theatre. Quite suddenly, in my search for peace and fulfillment, my love for creating intricate, spiritual art in the form of jewellery revealed itself to me. Since then I have embarked on this journey to share my grasp of light and darkness, creation from destruction and soul communication. My work has been well accepted and appreciated at many major art festivals. Currently I reside in Toronto.

Posted on August 31, 2019 .

Toronto Illustrated

Christine Audit of Toronto Illustrated has lived in Toronto for many years, and loves the city. She is always amazed by the diversity of Toronto Architecture, and the constant growth and change of the city. Wandering, she photographs areas, neighbourhoods, iconic architectural structures, pubs, restaurants, and historic sites. She enjoys the juxtaposition of the new integrating with the old, as well as appreciating the history and beauty of all that Toronto offers. Using the photographs as inspiration, Christine completes a drawing using technical lead pencils. Each illustration takes from eight to twelve hours to complete. After the illustration is printed on heavy card stock, Christine hand colours each print individually using a highly light-fast illustration marker. This ensures that each piece will be an original work of art. Christine is an award winning artist and is thrilled to offer her collection of illustrations and paintings of her beloved city.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .

Pepper Brew Gourmet Pepper Sauces

Created originally in the mountains of Jamaica, Pepper Brew Gourmet Pepper Sauces has established its home in Ontario and is proud to be a product of Canada. Pepper Brew Gourmet Pepper Sauces is the brainchild of Elizabeth Hill who created these original full-bodied, full-flavored pepper sauces over 14 years ago. The product was created out of a need to fill a void in the available choices of store brand pepper sauces that all competed for first-place in having a lot of heat, but lacking in flavor.

What started out as a very special product shared amongst family and friends has now become a line of pepper sauces that are unparalleled in their flavor, taste and the array of uses in your cooking. Pepper Brew has been a leader in setting a new standard in how consumers look at pepper sauces. Each of their three signature sauces contain specially selected ingredients to create a flavor that has become uniquely identifiable as a Pepper Brew quality product. Pepper Brew takes pride in offering their customers an array of all-natural pepper sauces that have no artificial flavors, colors, fillers, binders or preservatives. All pepper sauces are 100% gluten-free and contain 100% all-natural ingredients.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .

Destellos Glass Art & Accessories

Destellos Glass1.JPG

Destellos Glass Art & Accessories handmakes one of a kind or limited edition jewellery and functional home decor items from glass. Inspiration for the colourful work comes from the natural landscape with its different shapes, brightness, translucence and tone.

Liliana Botero is a glass artist and graphic designer who studied and trained in Colombia and the US. Before moving to Canada in 2011, Liliana operated a glass art studio in Bogota for 12 years. She opened her current Toronto studio in 2014. She is experienced in many different glass art techniques, such as: fused glass, mosaic, lamp work jewellery, kiln former glass, stained glass, cast glass sculpture and also sand blasting.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .

Chad Sylvester Art Works

Chad Sylvester Art Works 1.jpg

Chad Sylvester's oil paintings of landscapes, wildlife and portraits has become his focus since retiring from a 28 year career in Canada's military service. Born with a natural talent for realistic drawing and painting, Chad renders subject matter that is a part of his life and has attracted his attention.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .

Designs By Carol

Designs By Carol crafts live edge tables, benches, shelves coat hooks cutting boards decorated slab boards and wreaths from wood. Each piece is one of a kind and handcrafted with care, preserving the unique beauty and characteristics of the original wood.

Carol Sweeney began working with wood when her son told her about the wonderful pieces of wood that, through his job as an arborist, he taking to the dump. Carol sourced the waste wood and turns rough pieces into beautiful tables and other home décor that can be enjoyed in the home for generations.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .

Y. Stern

Yair Stern creates handcrafted silver jewellery, watches and mandolins.

A mathematics as a student in Israel, Yair took up jewellery making as a hobby that turned into a full time job 23 years ago. Yair Stern jewellery is an eclectic collection of unique pieces in various styles and materials. All jewellery is made of sterling silver, gold and other materials that are 100% nickel free. Every piece is handmade by Yair in his Oshawa studio.

As well, Yair is an amateur mandolin player. Three years ago, he began to build mandolin family string instruments, mainly mandolas and mandolins expanding his line of fine crafted items.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .

Ileana Tierney

Ileana Tierney creates everyday, functional pottery with a serene, natural and earthy quality. Ileana's pieces are a combination of wheel thrown, altered, hand built and carved.

A graduate of Algonquin College, Ottawa in Graphic Design, Ileana took a pottery class in 2004 and found her medium. She says clay has endless possibilities of expression which captivate and motivate her.

Posted on August 29, 2019 .

Clever Clippings

Clever Clippings 9 by 9 First Order with BB8_.jpeg

Toronto-based artist, Selina Yung, started creating collages from a passion for art and an interest in upcycling. Clever Clippings creates handcut collages from vintage collections and used materials - anything from newsprint and magazines to flyers and photographs - and transform them into something new and refreshing.

All Selina's creative and intricate artwork are influenced by her day to day experience and inspired her fantasy world that is full of movies and comics.

Selina collects materials from local vintage markets, public library book sales, church donations, flyers that people throw away, etc. All images are carefully cut with a scalpel, then layered different and combined to create new work .

Despite an interest in art from high school, Selina ended up going to Queen's University and becoming an auditor. But her passion for art was only intensified by her career. Selina started creating collages with the intent to upcycle old materials and Clever Clippings was born.

Posted on August 28, 2019 .

Rachel Joy VanRooyen Hand Crafted Jewellery

Rachel Joy VanRooyen has been designing and creating her own line of jewellery since the mid 1990's. Largely self-taught, Rachel has taken courses in lamp-work (hot glass) and metal work.

Rachel dyes and paints wooden shapes which she then fastens together with silver, copper and brass wire. The wood is then accented with Rachel's own lamp-work glass beads and semi-precious stones and shells. She likes to contrast texture and colour and changes her colour groupings seasonally to keep the line fresh and interesting.

Rachel knows that jewellery must be practical as well as pretty so she tries to ensure that her pieces are light-weight and durable. Rachel continues to evolve as an artist and a designer, always learning new skills and techniques that keep her work fun and interesting for both herself and for her customers.

Posted on August 28, 2019 .

Jeff Turner Photography

Toronto based Jeff Turner is a professional photographer with over 20 years in the industry. Photography is his passion: seeing the world in snapshots and compulsively drawing rectangles around what he sees. Taking the ordinary and striving to making it extraordinary.

Jeff started exploring the combination of photography and collage with the first piece of his Transit series, "TTC 1", which has now expanded to other cities and feeds his love of both travel, and photography. His work often focuses on rich, saturated colours, taking simple objects over the threshold from photograph to graphic design. His photo experience includes a mix of music, travel, wedding, event and commercial shooting. Jeff's work has been featured in the Toronto Star, The Washington Post, on CBC and a cover of Maclean's magazine.

Posted on August 28, 2019 .

Prints and Princess Designs

Prints and Princess Designs creates original artwork on canvas or watercolour paper combining different mediums, mixed media. Self taught artist Sue Trottier works mainly in acrylic but does not exclude any mediums from possiblities.

As a child she was very shy and found self-expression through creativity. Sue endeavours to bring joy and happiness into the world through her art and loves to inspire and teach others to tap into their creativity. She has shown her work at galleries as well as group shows and solo exhibitions. As a member of The Innisfil Arts, Culture, and Heritage Association, Sue was featured in the local paper and participates in the annual Studio Tour."

Posted on August 28, 2019 .

Art in metal

Art in metal was founded by high school student Henry Wiersma in 1969. Master sculpture Richard Kramer was teacher and mentor to Henry in those early year and went on to have shows of his sculptures at Beckett Galleries in Hamilton. After school, Henry worked as a millwright at Procter and Gamble while raising his family, but continued to create sculpture in his spare time. In 2015 Henry retired and has returned full time to his first passion.

Henry works with all types of metal, including recycled, along with live edge wood and authentic barn board. His latest pieces are metal trees hand sculpted inside live edge wood and on reclaimed barn board, Henry finds his inspiration in the northern Ontario landscapes and the Niagara Escarpment.

Posted on August 27, 2019 .

Stone and Hide ~ Ivan Trotter

Ivan Trotter is a painter of landscapes and villages of Canada, France and Italy. Recently he turned his hand to designing and creating leather and stone jewelry for men as Stone and Hide.

Posted on August 27, 2019 .

Sonia Wilkinson Art


Peculiar Art for this Mad World

Using acrylic paint on canvas and working through a design process, Sonia Wilkinson recreates the human face in unusual ways using distorted, textured and colourful lines and shapes. A facial expression emerges every time and can almost be read like a book.

About Sonia Wilkinson
Sonia Wilkinson remembers dabbling in many different art forms at home, at public school and Dundas Valley School of Art. She later chose graphic design as a career and obtained a diploma from Sheridan College in 1995. Wilkinson went on to have a 22-year career as a graphic designer until 2017 when she decided it was time for the different and more interesting challenges of an art business.

The list of influences is ever-growing: Pablo Picasso’s cubism and his use of colour, style and artistic playfulness; Henry Moore’s graceful lines; Andy Warhol’s passion for the unconventional; Thomas Fedro’s graffiti-style faces that are gritty and humorous; plus numerous other artists Wilkinson comes across on a daily basis who are working, creative warriors and business tycoons.

I believe that being weird, silly and laughing helps alleviate the crazy things that go on in this World. Creating peculiar paintings of ridiculous faces is my way of give others permission to be weird and silly, too.

All of my paintings are created using Golden Acrylic (Heavy Body, Open) for true colours, longevity, and beautifully smooth blending. I also use Golden mediums and sometimes sand for rough textures that can be seen and touched. Ever painting is finished with isolation and varnish coats for surface protection and even more colour longevity. I use a high-quality canvas, mounted on a solid wood frame. The edges are painted black to compliment the graphic nature of the images I create. In some cases I will finish the painting with a sold wood, black lacquered frame.

For my series of mini paintings (5" x 7") I consider to be brothers and sisters and I choose human names given to newborns. For my larger pieces I am moved to give a nod to quirks of human nature: Shy, (Un)balanced, Morning Person, Hangry. Some are humorous and some are more philosophical. It all depends on how I feel about a piece when completed. With my peculiar art I hope to encourage people to not only accept what might be strange an unusual (about themselves or others), but to celebrate it!

Posted on August 27, 2019 .