The Tima Collection

Jewelry for Body and Soul

The Tima Collection is beautiful, handcrafted Canadian jewellery made from natural earthy materials. Lucya Almeida follows the ancient tradition of wearing jewellery for healing, protection, inspiration and transformational purposes. Her mission is to design and create unique, beautiful, good quality pieces.

Lucy specializes in copper and semi-precious stone jewellery, but incorporates other found materials. Using the decommissioned penny, she has crafted a line of uniquely Canadian necklaces, bracelets and hair pieces. The designs are influenced by her interest in mythology, world religions, cultures, transpersonal psychology and healing.

Posted on May 22, 2019 .

EMA Design Treasures

EMA Design Treasures creates quilted and non-quilted bags and purses, quilted ravel bags and accessories, quilted table runners and, of course, quilts.

Liz Allan launched her business in 2017 to design and make quality products that are both useful and aesthetically appealing in terms of form and colour. Her vision is to provide women with quality products that are crafted with care. All items are intricately designed right down to the stitching. Detail is important. Every single piece is well designed, well made, and with quality materials.

Posted on May 22, 2019 .

Olga Saras


Toronto based designer Olga Saras is recognized across the country for her ingenuity and refusal to let traditional design expectations dictate her knit creations. Born in Moscow, Olga draws inspiration from her former career as a ballet dancer. During her time as a dancer she had the opportunity to try her hand at costume design. Soon she was designing many of the outfits she and her colleagues performed in.

After moving to Canada, Olga began to apply her creativity to designed innovative fashions that expressed her deep love of form and function. Stylishly classic, whimsically feminine, sophisticated and sensual. From stunning winter classics to flirty summer essentials, Olga Saras offers beautifully crafted, exquisite collectibles for every occasion.

Posted on May 19, 2019 .

Be Human, Not a Zombie


Canadian Pawel Wegrzyn was a nationally ranked tennis player in the Canadian sports world. He received a tennis scholarship to a U.S. college where he studied Business Management and coached tennis at Cliff Drysdale Tennis in Miami, Florida. However, no success allowed Pawel to feel comfortable in his own skin. Though he played at a very high level in tennis and dedicated thousands of hours of practice into the sport, his own mind refused to allow him any peace and he criticized himself constantly.

As a coach, Pawel noticed that he wasn't alone in this self criticism. His students suffered in the same way as did most people no matter what their way of life. Fed up with feeling that he wasn't living up to his potential, Pawel set on a mission to explore his his own mind and find true peace. With the same dedication he put into mastering tennis, Pawel experimented with meditation, self-inquiry, yoga, and personal mastery techniques. What he learned on his journey has been distilled into his self published book, Be Human, Not a Zombie: A Guide to Finding Your Fundamental Nature".

Be Human, Not a Zombie teaches how to start seeing the world through truth, rather than living in a unconscious state. Zombie is the Pawel's word for way most he was living his life before realizing that there is another way. The book was released in April 2018 and immediately climbed to 23rd best seller in the self-help/spiritual category on Amazon Canada without any backing or advertising. The book also contains artwork created by Pawel during the experiment which helps articulate his message.

Posted on May 19, 2019 .

Terra Organica

When Maria Guadalupe Cervantes gave up her career as a bank manager, she focused on her creative side to design a line of purses and bags. With the help of her husband, a chemical engineer, they sourced used coffee bags from South America as the material. In the coffee industry, the jute bags that store raw beans before being shipped worldwide were one-use only. Thousands of bags are discarded every season. Maria and her husband offered a price for the bags from small estate owners, giving the independent coffee growers an expanded income.

Jute is a durable but rough textured material with an unpleasant aroma. Maria's husband, Angelo, went to work on figuring out how to turn this material into something usable. After numerous trials and errrors, Angelo found the perfect solution that was non-toxic and sustainable. Under his method, the jute became soft and pliable with a neutral aroma, but maintained it's incredible durability. With this material as her base, Maria has crafted beautiful bespoke bags that will accessorize any wardrobe. Designed and made in Ontario, these bags are great for world travelling and for city shopping excursions alike.

Posted on May 19, 2019 .

Harper Pottery

From Waterdown, Jonathan Harper has been making functional stoneware pots as his career for 32 years. He is drawn to stoneware and the rock and water contrasts you can create in it. Most of his carvings are influenced by the rhythms of basketry and block printing, as well as his love of biological diversity. Jonathan's decorations are robust, so his forms have tended to be simple in contrast. Nonetheless, he still plays a lot with the parts of pots and keep a sense of humour in them. All Harper Pottery is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Posted on May 17, 2019 .

The Bean Ladies


The Bean Ladies have been making wholesome, healthy bean soups and snacks for over 20 years. Their crunchy roasted bean snacks are hand seasoned to perfection. Hearty bean soups are made with fresh crop Ontario beans using traditional family recipes.

The basic ingredients for The Bean Ladies' products are different varieties of fresh crop beans and peas, which are purchased from local growers in the London, Ontario area. All spices are carefully hand mixed and sealed for inclusion in meal packages. Colourful beans, peas and lentils are hand packed into clear poly bags and heat sealed with their delicious family recipe. Their recipes are crock pot friendly and are ideal for busy families on the go.

Snack packages start with premium soybeans, fava beans and chick peas that are roasted and lightly coated with sunflower oil. After they cool, savoury flavours are hand mixed into the beans and each package is heat sealed for freshness. These snacks are both healthy and loaded with flavour.

The Bean Ladies was founded in 1998 by twin sisters Julie Ryder and Jamie Miles. Having children in competitive sports and fundraising with unhealthy high fat high sugar foods, led them to packaging the family recipe for Homestyle Hearty Bean Soup to be sold for fundraising. Realizing that consumers were looking for low-fat and nutritious ways of eating, Julie and Jamie researched and developed their cherished recipes. Over the past two decades they have introduced over 40 different varieties of soups, chili and desserts, as well as a snack line of freshly roasted flavoured soybeans.

Julie and Jamie have been striving to inform and educate on the importance of legumes in a healthy diet. Both women are Food Handling Certified with the Ontario Ministry of Public Health and comply 100% with all food handling regulations with respect to food production and sampling.

Posted on May 17, 2019 .

Books by Philip Roy


Canadian author, Philip Roy writes and illustrates award-winning children's books and Middle Readers. Originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Philip studied music and history before choosing a career in writing. His love for the ocean, enjoyment of travelling, and fascination for submarines has led to the creation of the Submarine Outlaw series (SOS). These are tales of high adventure on the seas and waterways of the world, but also involve mythology, geography, ecology, invention and an embracing love of people, places, animals and things. In addition to novels for “young people of all ages,” Philip has also written 30 stories in the Happy the Pocket Mouse picture book series, two of which have been translated into French. When Philip is not travelling and visiting schools, he and his family live in Brockville, Ontario, where he continues to write novels and compose music.

Posted on May 17, 2019 .

Whitney Haynes Designs

Jewellery from Whitney Haynes Designs is unmistakenly Canadian, framing natural elements of birch bark and leather with sleek silver and resin accents. Birch bark features heavily throughout the collection, carefully preserved in resin and accented with high quality sterling silver. All bark is hand foraged from naturally fallen birch trees. The rest of the collection is original sculpted and cast pieces in organic shapes. Whitney uses recycled sterling silver whenever possible and is careful to keep the environment at the forefront of her business ethics.

Based in Kingston, Ontario, Whitney's rural background informs her designs. It is this connection to our native land that drives Haynes to source locally, nationally, and ethically; forever aiming to give her work an authentic and approachable identity.

Posted on May 17, 2019 .

Cedar and Vine

Cedar and Vine is a Canadian design firm creating garments that promote individuality and embody the concepts of slow fashion.


There's an understated beauty in quality + timeless design.

This is the philosophy from which Cedar & Vine was born. What started as a simple passion has evolved into a mindset that encompasses more than just clothing design. Learning to design with intention, Cedar and Vine discovered the value in being able to carry that purpose across into daily lifestyle. Do you feel that connection? It's why they do what they do. Because there's nothing more lovely than connecting with like-minded people.

Posted on May 17, 2019 .

The Northern Goddess

The Northern Goddess a small, all Canadian, bath and body company handmakes natural and creative bath and body products. Products are toxin free and made from natural ingredients that are healthy for you and our environment.

Posted on May 17, 2019 .

Comfee Living


Helping boomers and zoomers for over 6 years, Comfee Cushions are amazing sensory vibrating pillows that are a revolution in circulation therapy. Comfee Cushions are one-of-a-kind, vibrating pillows designed and hand-crafted to help with a range of issues, such as circulation, diabetes and even autism.

Comfee Cushion is a designer upholstery massage cushion, using rescued fabrics from GTA furniture manufacturers. Inside is a Class 2 Medical device for stimulating blood flow. Cushions are made with bioplush foam, a renewable resource that 30% soy oil.

We all buy lovely cushions at stores that look great – but that's all they do. Why not try a Comfee Cushion that looks great, and also gives back in terms of better health?

Kerri-Lee Benson is the founder of Comfee Cushions and Comfee Living. She set out to help the boomers, zoomers and seniors she loves and admires with their lifestyle success. A self taught product designer and self employed since 2005, Kerri is inspired by colour and texture as well as by creating a product that is both beautiful and functional.

Posted on May 16, 2019 .

Art by Brigitte Granton

Brigitte Granton's passion for the natural world is evident in her paintings of the Canadian landscape. She has a particular fondness for the northern Ontario landscape, however her recent travels across Canada have inspired a a collection of paintings of landscapes from British Columbia to Newfoundland.


About Brigitte Granton
Brigitte is an avid environmentalist and painting the Canadian landscape is her way of bringing attention to these fragile ecosystems.

Brigitte grew up with an artist father who introduced her to oil painting at an early age and offered her guidance in colour and composition. While she pursued an education, MSc. in Biology, and careers in the scientific field in medical research and forensics , she painted regularly and was always experimenting with different medias. She believes that her two passions, art and nature, complement each other well; both requiring keen observation skills.

Brigitte has won numerous awards at juried art shows and her paintings can be found in galleries, corporate logos, on flag banners and in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Posted on May 16, 2019 .

Mint Jewellery

Mint is a Oakville-based artisan studio, producing high quality limited edition designs. Mint jewellery is handcrafted using the finest quality materials; only natural gemstones, genuine pearls, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, and 14K gold. Techniques include wire wrapping, wire sculpting, soldering and forging.

Posted on May 16, 2019 .

9 Senses

9Senses was born in 2015 to share a passion for products that comfort the body and mind. Mila Greaves is the mother of two beautiful girls one of whom is on the Autism spectrum and very sensitive to stimulation from her environment. To help her daughter, Mila spent countless hours learning to make natural, soothing products that her child would find comforting. Starting with handmade soaps she branched out into other bath and body products.

9Senses has a growing following who appreciate gentle soaps, soothing bath soaks and relaxing neck pillows. All 9Senses body products are completely natural and contain skin-nourishing ingredients. Soaps are cold-pressed in small batches using heirloom techniques perfected and polished with time.

They have recently added weighted blankets to their line. Weighted therapy uses weighted products to apply deep pressure to the body, stimulating the proprioception in the muscles, enabling those who are “sensory seeking” to relax, focus and have a greater awareness of their body. Weighted items are useful for people who experience difficulties with touch, body awareness, balance and movement senses.

Posted on May 15, 2019 .

Chaka Chikadozi - Africville

From the north to the south of the country of Zimbabwe is an un-erupted volcanic ridge that is known as the Great Dyke, 500 km long and 90 kms wide at its widest point. It is one of the few volcanic ridges in the world that never erupted. The ridge rose and cooled without spilling lava, making it a storehouse of incredible and unique types of stone. According to geologists, the grain structures and colours created depend on the climate each season causing the the lava to cool at different speeds. The stone from this ridge tells a history and story of its own. Chaka Chikadozi is interested in the tension between the stone’s own sense of time and the story he is trying to tell with it.

About Chaka Chikadozi
I am a Zimbabwean-Canadian stone sculptor living, working, and raising a family in rural Ontario. I learned the stone sculpting tradition at the age of thirteen under the tutelage of an older brother, and have been exhibiting across Canada since 2003. I work with volcanic rock from Zimbabwe to explore the nexus between the geological time, human memory, and indigenous notions of belonging. My work explores the continuities and ruptures between the stone’s own sense of time and the story about time and space that he is trying to tell with it.

Posted on May 15, 2019 .

Pepi Design

Pepita Arden of Pepi Design create one of a kind pieces made from stained glass and Swarovski crystals set as mosaic on wood or metal recycled bases.

About Pepita Arden
Although I spent my childhood in Romania, my youth and adult life has taken me all over the globe. This rich cultural diversity to which I was exposed helped to form my love of art and respect for people of all backgrounds. I have always had an artistic soul, which was traditionally expressed through theatre. Quite suddenly, in my search for peace and fulfillment, my love for creating intricate, spiritual art in the form of jewellery revealed itself to me. Since then I have embarked on this journey to share my grasp of light and darkness, creation from destruction and soul communication. My work has been well accepted and appreciated at many major art festivals. Currently I reside in Toronto.

Posted on May 15, 2019 .

Wilk Watches

Wilk Watches designs and creates elegantly handcrafted mechanical wristwatches from their Toronto workshop.

Scott Wilk's interest in metalsmithing began in London at the Bealart program in 1996. He's a graduate of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After moving back to Ontario in 2004, Scott decided to pursue his interest in jewellery making full-time and that is when he discovered the world of horology, the art of making clocks and watches. Over the past decade, Scott has applied all of his skills and interests into creating handcrafted watches.

Posted on May 14, 2019 .

Reiners Originals

Reiners Originals is a family business that creates unique leather animal ottomans from their factory in Waterloo. With more than 50 years of experience in the furniture industry, Reiners has set the standard to which all other specialty furniture companies hold themselves. Reiners promises to always hold to the highest standards because they believe that their customers deserve only the best.

All of their animal ottomans are hand cut, hand sew, and hand stuffed so each piece has that intangible quality making it a Reiner’s Original. Stuffed with mixed fibers, polyester, acrylic, and love, all of Reiners products are made from 100 percent quality upholstery leather and all animal ottomans come in a variety of colors to match any decor.

Often imitated but never replicated, Reiner's Originals offers a level of excellence that is unparalleled in our era because they have worked hard to make it that way.

Posted on May 14, 2019 .

Robert Made It

Robert White of Robert Made It creates handcrafted endgrain cutting boards, cheese boards and charcuterie boards. After a career as a journeyman carpenter for 26 years, Robert has turned his attention to making end grain cutting boards as his business for the last nine years.

Posted on May 14, 2019 .