Poets @ Artfest II 2016


Considered the cream of literature: freshly churned. Or the essence of distilled maple syrup: every drop precious. Poetry's allure has persisted for thousands of years, captivating our hearts and minds. Writing good poetry is a great challenge, using as few words as possible to create the biggest feeling.

Artfest launched Poets @ Artfest last year as a pilot project and it was clearly acknowledged as a very popular feature. Bruce Kauffman initiated the project and he is returning again to guide us for Poets @ Artfest II. Join us for three delightful days of sharing heartfelt creative poetry by sixty poets, some seasoned and others freshly served. Readings will take place all weekend in the Poetry Tent and will include performers from Toronto, Ottawa, Cobourg, Hamilton, Peterborough, Montreal, and other areas. Many local favourites will join in as well including Eric Folsom (former Kingston Poet Laureate).

A free writing workshop facilitated by poet Bruce Kauffman on July 1st will get your words flowing beginning at 9:00am. We encourage curious visitors to sign up and have some fun. Space may be limited so contact Bruce if you are interested. bruce.kauffman@hotmail.com with Poets @ Artfest in the subject line.

Later on Friday July 1st in the evening, there will be an open mic opportunity for aspiring poets to share their compositions with an appreciative audience before heading downtown to take in the fireworks. The spacious poetry tent offers a place for guests to browse through a selection of books, chapbooks and zines. There will be poets and other writers on hand in the tent throughout the festival. Please join us for some literary love at Poets @ Artfest II.

Full Schedule 2016


Friday July 1
8:30-9:00 am    Workshop sign-up (open to anyone)
9:00-10:30         Free ‘Intuitive Writing’ Workshop (facilitated by host Bruce Kauffman)
11:00-12:00        Ron Irwin, Ashley-Elizabeth Best, Paul Chaput, Bruce Kauffman
12:30-1:30          Ron Chase, Ashley Newton, Brent Raycroft, Eric Folsom (former Kingston Poet Laureate)
2:00-3:00          Kathy Figueroa, Julia Blyth, Leslie Saunders, Bethmarie Michalska
3:30-4:30           Anne Graham, Tracie Morgan, Eugene Cornacchia, Carole TenBrink
5:00-6:15           Kelsey Knight, Richard M Grove, David Pratt, Susan Olding, Wanda Praamsma
6:30-8:00          Open Mic – in the round

Saturday July 2
10:30-11:30        Robin Gillespie, Mike Williams, Andrea O’Farrell, Judith Popiel
12:00-1:00         Nadia Pacey, Jennifer Londry, Jason Heroux, Carolyn Smart
1:30-2:30           Autumn Getty, Robert Hogg, Kathleen Szoke, John Donlan
3:00-4:00          Frances Boyle, Jeff Blackman, Justin Million, Cameron Anstee
4:30-5:50          Sarah B Wiseman, Dale Tracy, KristaAsselstine, Alyssa Cooper, Thalia Danielson(The Protégé Project), Meg Erb (The Protégé Project) – Susan Olding   will emcee the 2 Protégé Project poets

Sunday July 3
10:30-11:30       Tim Murphy, Michelle K Allan, Erika Lamon, Colette Maitland
12:00-1:00        Betsy Struthers, Colin Morton, Heather Roberts Cadsby, Elizabeth Greene
1:30-2:30          Kate Rogers, Tara Kainer, Allan Briesmaster, Armand Garnet Ruffo
3:00-4:00         Chantel Lavoie, Ian Burgham, Catherine Graham, Jeanette Lynes
4:30-5:45         Hannah Ellsworth, Barbara Laing, Nathalie Sorensen, Pat Connors, Bob Mackenzie