Important Moments in 1933 - Canadian Art History

Photo Source: Artfest Ontario - Write Way Communications/Photography

Photo Source: Artfest Ontario - Write Way Communications/Photography

What was happening in Canada in 1933?

  • Twenty-eight artists from across the country form the Canadian Group of Painters to succeed the defunct Group of Seven.
  • Although centered in Toronto, the CGP's first show of "art with a national character" is held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • An experimental School of Fine Arts is founded in Banff, Alta., evolving into the influential Banff Centre for Continuing Education.
  • Frederick Varley and Jock Macdonald found the British Columbia College of Arts in Vancouver. The Graphic Arts Club changes its name to the Canadian Society of Graphic Art.
  • Some members of the Sculptors' Society of Canada -- especially the influential women Loring, Wyle, and Wyn Wood -- resign from the Ontario Society of Artists, which they felt gave insufficient support to sculpture.
  • The Canadian Handicrafts Guild forms an Indian Committee to support traditional Indian crafts. Lester D. Longman is appointed Special Carnegie Lecturer in the history and appreciation of art at McMaster University in Hamilton, making his the first such university appointment in Canada. Negotiations for a similar appointment begin at Queen's University in Kingston.
  • Edith Hallett Bethune wins a Diploma for Exceptional Photographic Art at the Chicago World's Fair.

Source: The University of British Columbia - faculty of Creative & Clinical studies

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Posted on March 1, 2017 .