Collingwood Painter Brian Jones depicted people in motion!

Painting: Brian Jones, Artist/Painter

Painting: Brian Jones, Artist/Painter

Brain was known for painting the movement of people during the 50's and 60's up until just before his death in 2008. His work was bright and colourful and portrayed a strong narrative touching on subtle humour.  He was a local to Collingwood and initially worked as a photo-realist.

When Brian passed away, his wife Suzanne donated many of his art supplies and equipment to the Artventure Studio and the Magic of Children in the Arts. We still use them daily- including his easel, art cabinet, electric pencil sharpener and more. Brian had a passion for collecting antique toys and oddities. His work had a childlike quality, perhaps that is why he was so supportive of our children's art.

Born in 1950, Brian a was well a-known artist. He did the most whimsical, evocative and brightly coloured paintings and, a pretty impressive Bubbles impersonation! From 1975 to 2006, Brian produced a solo exhibition every eighteen months in Toronto. He has won many grants and awards, including the Queen's Silver Jubilee award in 1977; OSA Best Oil Award, 1985, and the “Young Achievers” National Award 1982. 

By streamlining the figure, adding brighter colours and simplifying his shapes in a more abstract format, Jones developed what would eventually be called his “Neighbours” style.
— Loch Gallery

Brian Jones is featured in a selection of major public collections:

Canada Council Art Bank, Museum London, McIntosh Gallery University of Western Ontario, Confederation Art Gallery, Province of Ontario, City of Toronto Archives and in Corporate and Private Collections throughout Canada, the US and Europe.


Posted on January 29, 2017 .