Beardy Jackson - An Inspirational Storyteller

Beardy Jackson was a Native Canadian artist who told stories through his work. He came from the Native tribe - Anishinaabe, and his vibrant works represent various scenes and 'spiritual concepts' depicted from the holy stories of his Anishinaabe people. He was a member of The Indian Group of Seven that were recognized and accepted in 1973.

Beardy Jackson - Photo Source - Gallery One One One

Beardy Jackson - Photo Source - Gallery One One One

In 1973 several aboriginal artists under the monitor Professional Native Indian Artists Incorporation (PNIAI) got together in Winnipeg. Jackson Beardy, Alex Janvier and Daphne Odjig pooled their talents together for an exhibition of their work at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.
The show was called, Treaty Numbers 23, 287, 1171, and was groundbreaking.
— Frank Larue

"He had a distinctive graphic style characterized by flat areas of warm colours and curving ribbons of paint. His early work often narrated legends but as his art and his vision matured he explored the natural balances in nature, regeneration and growth, and the interdependence of all things. Some works were rendered on birchbark or beaver skins rather than canvas." Source: Native Art in Canada.


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