Horatio Walker - Painter, 1858 - 1938

Horatio Walker was an admirable Canadian painter who sold his works of art commercially up until his death in 1938. His work depicted picturesque scenes of Canadian rural life.  Working strictly with oils and watercolours, Horatio was highly influenced by the French Barbizon school of painting.

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Painting - Horatio Walker

Painting - Horatio Walker

Walker, Horatio

Date of Birth: 1858-05-12
Place of Birth: Listowel
Date of Death: 1938-09-27
Place of Death: Sainte-Pétronille
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canada
Occupation or Profession: Painters
Uses technique(s): Painting (Art Technique)
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Inuit Art by: Pitseolak Ashoona ~ 1904 - 1983

1967 - Innukshuk Builders by: Pitseolak Place of Creation: Cape Dorset Dimension: 55.9 x 66.7 cm; image: 39.4 x 47 cm maximum irregular Material Description: stonecut in green, orange and black on laid paper Cultural Association(s): Canadian culture

1967 - Innukshuk Builders by: Pitseolak

Place of Creation: Cape Dorset

Dimension: 55.9 x 66.7 cm; image: 39.4 x 47 cm maximum irregular

Material Description: stonecut in green, orange and black on laid paper

Cultural Association(s): Canadian culture

Biography of Pitseolak Ashoona

In Inuktitut, the language of Inuit, "pitseolak" means sea pigeon, and the artist liked to say, "When I see pitseolaks over the sea, I say, 'There go those lovely birds - that's me flying.'" These words are an eloquent testimony to the vivaciousness and zest that marked the life and work of this artist, Pitseolak.

After her husband’s death at Nettilling Lake, in the interior of Baffin Island, Pitseolak and her six children (she bore seventeen in all) made a journey of two hundred kilometres to Cape Dorset.

Determined to provide for her family herself, she earned a meagre living from her sewing, and was aided by family members; in fact, it was with the encouragement of her cousin Kiakshuk that she first ventured to do some drawings for the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative’s print studio, founded in the early 60s. This marked the beginning of a productive career that extended over the next 25 years. Pitseolak left thousands of drawings, including more than 200 that have been made into prints.

Source: National Gallery of Canada

Marcel Barbeau - Painter/Sculptor - 1925 - 2016

Photo of Marcel Barbeau in his Montreal studio by Martin Lipman for the Canada Council for the Arts.

Photo of Marcel Barbeau in his Montreal studio by Martin Lipman for the Canada Council for the Arts.

I do not look for beauty, I attempt to produce a painting that is vibrant.

On January 2nd, just last year, Marcel Barbeau sadly passed away. He was 90 years old. Over the course of his successful artistic career, his work had taken a variety of directions as he continually responded to his creative impulse and a desire to exceed the limits of a given form.  

His works are vivid, involve various strokes and he was one of the first non-figurative painters in Canada. He created an astounding four-thousand-plus artworks.  Read more about Marcel here. 

Marcel Barbeau Source: http://www.ngcmagazine.ca/artists/the-proust-questionnaire-marcel-barbeau

Marcel Barbeau

Source: http://www.ngcmagazine.ca/artists/the-proust-questionnaire-marcel-barbeau

Marcel Barbeau's Art held by the following Canadian art galleries:

Art Gallery of Ontario
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
McMichael Canadian Art Collection
National Gallery of Canada


Canadian Heritage Information Network

Canadian Art Foundation



Biography of Peterborough Artist, Norman Knott ~ 1945 - 2003

"Norman Knott was a Native artist who was born on the Curve Lake Reserve, just north of Peterborough, Ontario in 1945. He lived in a small quiet community all his life and resided there with his wife and three children. The knowledge he acquired there allowed him to create meaningful and colourful paintings.

Norman’s paintings appear to be caught between his background myths and contemporary realistic styles. His closeness to nature, as well as a keen eye and steady hand gave the figures in his paintings a realist outline; his Ojibwe background adds an inner touch of symbolism. Although his style was different, his art has put him in a class with such renowned artists as Robert Bateman and Michael Bumas. It is this unique style that gave him a wide range of popularity outside the Kawartha’s, including art dealers and collectors from across Canada, United States, Great Britain, Germany and Australia.

As well as being recognized as a successful Canadian Artist, Norman was also known for his generosity and kindness towards colleagues and friends. In 1992, Norman Knott donated three of his paintings to the Echoes of a Proud Nation’s Pow Wow Committee. The committee felt that one of the paintings, which contained a Turtle, was something special and decided to adopt it as the official logo for it’s Pow Wow. Norman was both pleased and honoured with this decision."

Source: Norman Knott

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Clarence Gagnon, Painter - 1881 - 1942

Artist or Maker: Gagnon, Clarence Date: 1909 Width: 15 cm Height: 20.5 cm Cultural Association(s): Canadian culture  

Artist or Maker: Gagnon, Clarence
Date: 1909
Width: 15 cm
Height: 20.5 cm
Cultural Association(s): Canadian culture

Clarence Gagnon is best known for his rural Quebec landscape paintings and the illustrations he created for Louise Hémon’s novel, Maria Chapdelaine.

It was not the over-sensitivity of the misunderstood that made me move to Paris....Over there, I paint only Canadian subjects, I dream only of Canada. The motif remains fixed in my mind, and I don’t allow myself to be captivated by the charms of a new landscape. In Switzerland, Scandinavia-everywhere, I recall my French Canada.
— Clarence Gagnon

Read Clarence Gagnon's biography here.

First Official War Artist - Will Ogilvie - 1901 - 1989

Ogilvie, Will (South African/Canadian, 1901–1989)


Convoy In Caen.

Will Ogilvie was a commercial artist, painter, and educator.  He was recognized for being the first official Canadian war artist, noted for creating images of war while he was under fire. He was a member of the Canadian Group of Painters and the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour.

Read more about Will Ogilvie in Canada's Military Magazine - Legion. 

Source: National Gallery of Canada

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National Gallery of Canada - Established in 1880

Established in 1880, The National Gallery of Canada has played a pivotal role with Canada's thriving art culture.  With a foremost mission to provide the best access to works of art for all Canadians, the gallery maintains Canada's premier collection of Indigenous, American, and Asian art, as well as a selection of European Art dating back to the 14th century from the 21st.  

In 1934 The National Gallery arranged the first Canadian International Salon of Photographic Art and just two years ago, in 2015, the Gallery founded the Canadian Photography Institute which is a global multidisciplinary research center dedicated to the history, evolution and future of photography.  

For more information, visit the gallery's website -  http://www.gallery.ca/en/ and please feel free to follow them on Twitter.

Photographer, James William Topley ~ 1845 - 1930

Photo: James William Topley

Photo: James William Topley

Photo: James William Topley

Photo: James William Topley

Born February 13th, 1945, James William Topley was a well-known Canadian photographer recognized for his portraiture of Canadian politics. He was also a business partner of William Notman, in which he took over his studio (Notman's)  in Ottawa in 1872. 

Read more about James Topley here.  

Photographer - Topley, William James

Date of Birth: 1845-02-13
Place of Birth: Montreal
Date of Death: 1930-11-16
Place of Death: Vancouver
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canada
Occupation or Profession: Photographers

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Collingwood Painter Brian Jones depicted people in motion!

Painting: Brian Jones, Artist/Painter

Painting: Brian Jones, Artist/Painter

Brain was known for painting the movement of people during the 50's and 60's up until just before his death in 2008. His work was bright and colourful and portrayed a strong narrative touching on subtle humour.  He was a local to Collingwood and initially worked as a photo-realist.

When Brian passed away, his wife Suzanne donated many of his art supplies and equipment to the Artventure Studio and the Magic of Children in the Arts. We still use them daily- including his easel, art cabinet, electric pencil sharpener and more. Brian had a passion for collecting antique toys and oddities. His work had a childlike quality, perhaps that is why he was so supportive of our children's art.

Born in 1950, Brian a was well a-known artist. He did the most whimsical, evocative and brightly coloured paintings and, a pretty impressive Bubbles impersonation! From 1975 to 2006, Brian produced a solo exhibition every eighteen months in Toronto. He has won many grants and awards, including the Queen's Silver Jubilee award in 1977; OSA Best Oil Award, 1985, and the “Young Achievers” National Award 1982. 

By streamlining the figure, adding brighter colours and simplifying his shapes in a more abstract format, Jones developed what would eventually be called his “Neighbours” style.
— Loch Gallery

Brian Jones is featured in a selection of major public collections:

Canada Council Art Bank, Museum London, McIntosh Gallery University of Western Ontario, Confederation Art Gallery, Province of Ontario, City of Toronto Archives and in Corporate and Private Collections throughout Canada, the US and Europe.

Source: http://www.lochgallery.com/artist/brian-jones 

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Doris McCarthy- July 7, 1910 – November 25, 2010

#Celebrating 150 years of Canadian Art & Craft

By Lory MacDonald

Doris was one of my favorite Canadian landscape artists. She was a true fearless pioneer trekking out around Canada to capture the beauty of the hinterlands. Not only was she an accomplished artist, but she was very personable. When I was teaching a group of 20 young artists (age 8-13 years old) about famous Canadian artists, I selected Doris to focus on. I needed reference material for the class and surprisingly, was having a hard time finding anything locally.

On a whim when I was in Toronto, I looked her up in the phone book, and gave her a call. "Come on over" she said. " "Now?" I asked. "Yes, come for tea, I would be happy to give some help". So off I went to visit Doris McCarthy in her humble home, fondly known as Fool's Paradise, which looked out across Lake Ontario in the Scarborough Bluffs area. She was a hoot and had great stories! But would not give me a single postcard for free. She was adamant that I buy everything for my art workshop, and a little bitter I think that she had not been taken as seriously as an artist as she felt she deserved. I agreed, and purchased several postcards, 2 books, a video and a poster. I was all set to teach my class.

Additionally, at that time, Doris was having an art exhibition at the McMichael Gallery. She invited me to bring the kids to see her there and meet in person. The children loved learning all about Doris and her very interesting life and work. I did too. When the art works were completed, we took a field trip to see the show and meet Doris at the Gallery. The kids all brought their artwork that had been inspired by Doris. She was tickled, very pleased and impressed with what the kids had created. it was a memorable experience for all of us.

Her work is available at the Wynick/Tuck Gallery.

To learn more about Doris McCarthy and her long prolific art career (she painted until she was 100 years old), please visit: The Doris McCarthy Gallery

Artfest Ontario Recognizes Notable Canadian Artists Over the Past 150 Years!

At Artfest Ontario we are honoured to be celebrating 150 years of Canadian Art!  We are even more excited to be creating this new initiative about the history of Canadian fine art and craft across our Country.  We believe that over the past 150 years the talents of Canadian artists should be noted.

So stay tuned for our daily blog about notable Canadian artists and artisans across our vast and picturesque county, Canada! Feel free to share our blog Celebrating 150 of Canadian Art & Craft on your Social sites and thanks a bunch for supporting the arts!

About Lory MacDonald:

Artfest Show Producer Lory MacDonald is an Artist and Artfest Ontario Show producer. She is passionate about inspiring and promoting artists of all ages, teaching art, and selling her art pieces across Canada, USA and Hong Kong. She is the recipient of the 2016 Collingwood Arts & Culture Award.

Join us this year at our Artfest Shows and celebrate 150 years of art this Canada Day in Kingston, Toronto and Port Credit. 

More here: http://www.artfestontario.com/kingston/.

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