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Portrait of a Photographer: Shirley Brigden

Photographers Story:

"I am a Windsor based photographer with a passion for travel, photography and for participating in art shows. I love to travel and photograph around the world, accompanied by my husband Michel. We are always looking for new locations to introduce to our shows, in fact three of our new locations were suggested by clients, Sicily, Puglia and Abruzze.

We have been selling photographs at shows for 13 years now. With our British and French heritage, we both have a love for Europe, in particular the old walled towns, with the ancient architecture and the old cobblestone alleys.

The colour and texture of the old stone and stucco inspires me, and when you look at the images, you are drawn into the scene. Another of our loves is Africa, we have travelled 5 times to Namibia, South Africa and Botswana, countries we have fallen in love with. The American Southwest was added to the list as it reminds us very much of Africa, with the red rock, the colours of the desert, and the wide open spaces with fresh air."

Shirley Brigden

Posted on August 6, 2015 and filed under Photography, Wall Art.

Portrait of a Photographer ~ Shirley Brigden

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Fine Art Show 2015

Shirley Brigden is a Windsor based travel photographer who combines her passion for photography with her passion for travel.  Shirley and her husband Michel try to take a major trip every year to ensure they have new work to show in their booth. 

Shirley has fallen in love with the old medieval walled towns of Europe and has much of that work on display.  They also have photographs from their trips to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, the US Southwest, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. 

Many of Shirley's photos are printed onto canvas, gallery wrap style, which has proven to be very popular;  with her 44" pro printer, she can print large pictures that can be ordered to your custom size.  Shirley and Michel have been participating in art/craft shows for the past 10 years around Ontario.  Find them at Artfest Toronto.

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Portrait of a Photographer ~ Bob Gallagher

Photographer's Words:

After thirty years of creating film-based photography, today I work exclusively in digital imagery. Most of my images are printed on exhibition canvas although I don’t hesitate using fine art photography papers if the image calls for it. The bulk of my work consists of landscapes, abstracts and macro photography.

Having said that, I do have portrait work in the National Archives. I personally produce my photographs from the original capture through to hanging on the wall. Some people may call that process a control freak. I prefer to say that I take great personal care in the entire process from exposure to framing because each step is important to me and to my patrons. The images are created from Canada and around the world on my travels. Work intended for the 2014 shows will include imagery from North America, Caribbean, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.

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