Devine Jewellery- New Collection for Fall 2017- available at Artfest Toronto

Labour Day Weekend at the Distillery Historic District in Booth D1. Devine has been exhibiting at the Artfest Toronto shows for 10 years. Always a favorite with a huge following of loyal customers. Carol and Ted Devine also do a lot of custom designs for special occasions and are renowned for having outstanding customer service. Classic fine crafted jewellery in gold and silver.

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Sean Carson- Intrepid - prepares for Artfest

New photographic prints for Artfest Toronto. The New Zealand glacial mountain view will be printed on a 6 foot long canvas and a couple of new photographs that will see their first release on Labour Day weekend.


Ian McIntosh - Creating The Canadian Fall Flag

Artfest is pleased to have photographer Ian McIntosh exhibiting with us at the Distillery Historic District on Labour Day weekend. Here is his beautiful Canadian Fall Flag image- and a lovely story to go with it. You can see Ian's work in booth D37 September 1-4. 11am-6pm daily.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 1.23.39 AM.png

Walking through the park on a beautiful fall day, searching for locations for a couple’s photo shoot, I came across what would become The Canadian Fall Flag. Here’s the story.

Sunnidale Park was at one time the Barrie Country Club, which was purchased by the City of Barrie, and turned into beautiful parkland. There are playing fields, an arboretum, nature trails and a great off leash park for dogs. It’s a quiet gem in a city that is becoming more hustle and bustle every day.

While I was walking through the arboretum during this crisp afternoon, looking down at the leaves, happily snapping away at the ground cover for what I thought would be interesting abstract images, I came across the fallen leaves of a red maple… lots of them. I was attracted to the back sides of the leaves that were a light colour of pink, almost white.

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Surrealist Artist SORiaN ArT

Exhibiting Booth D41 at Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Sept 1-4, 2017

As a painter, Sorin's focus is into the conceptual, the visionary, the surreal. Archetypes, ideas, metaphors of this world and the vastness of the soul are the seeds and the pillars of the stories that he is telling in his paintings. They demand the participation ofthe observer, to dive inside them, to embrace them in order to eyewitness this emerging new world.
Various psychological and philosophical concepts are woven together in the compositions unveiled from each painting, inviting the beholder to decipher, comprehend and re-evaluate his own point of view in order to givean authentic expression to the meaning the liberation, the love, the fear, the angst, the anger has in each one of them.
His art concept combines the beholder's immersion into archetypal ideas, through highly detailed paintings, with a firm representational structure, backed-up by his own philosophical explicative stories of the respective compositions and sets of ideas.
The underlying stories are all linked at a deeper level and connected with his philosophical poetry.
His goal is to attain through highly detailed surrealist representations the fundamental simplicity and in the same time the complexity that would keep the spectator in place, challenging that person to discover the painting, to find its story and how that relates to their context.
His painting and his poetry are in search of the liberated seeker, with the depth, the sharpness and the honesty of the un-imprisoned thought, igniting the worldly egos, the selves and the gods into a new kind of awareness and perception. They are to illuminate our darkest and dearest of nights, the night of time, with his candor, grasping at every slice of light and life, until the day of our awakening.
His art is about what seems to be in our sight, but mostly hides at the edge of our eye, it is about the truth in our un-admitted lies and the freedom we silently crave for in the shadow of our defeats.
It is about the presence, about the now and here in everything and the endurance to walk this path.
His art lives within himself and he is his own art even before calling it into realization. Being his art means to be free; doing his art means to share it with the world, to be in communion with it, to openly communicate with the universe and allow it within. His art is the very statement of liberation in the world, which cannot be pursued without the Other.
In the stories he is telling in his paintings and in the verses of his poems, we glimpse at the healing light of the self, striving to detach from the supremacy of the ego, from the continuous chain of its worldly attachments.
His art is the guiding path into this higher and more, it is the living into the state of getting closer to the finality of our questions, it is the act of not walking away and turning the back to our battles, our turmoil and our dreams. Through the immersion in it, his art has the power to bring you back to living.
You are all invited to fully participate into this new realization of our cosmos.
His background in art and philosophy gives to this attempt a distinctive perspective. Through his paintings and his poems, he will be your guide in this new world.
Look again at this world through SORiaN's Art like through a magical crystal and find a new connection with your own intimacy, your prejudices, your shame and guilt, your safe zones and your dark demons lurking behind your precious convenience.

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Poets appeared at Artfest Kingston!


Artfest Kingston  presented year three of Poets @ Artfest. In celebrating Canada, we have published the Canada 150th anthology of 130 pages of poetry.  These were available for purchase at Artfest Kingston and sold like 'hotcakes'.   Bruce Kaufman curated the collection and hosts the poetry tent at Artfest, annually.

Poets were asked to contemplate and express their ideas and thoughts about Imagine Canada: Our Future. The results are interesting, thought provoking and heartfelt.

The book was launched at this year’s ‘Poets @ Artfest III’, July 1st through July 3rd at Artfest Kingston.

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Artfest Kingston: Canada's First Outdoor Accessible Event!

Artfest Kingston has taken steps to begin implementing the required Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). We have been working on this since last September, 2016 with a specialist Vanessa MacDonald to help guide show producer, Lory MacDonald along. Vanessa has been to a few events already at the Artfest Toronto & Port Credit shows.

Artfest Toronto would like to take this opportunity to welcome all people to next year's Artfest Kingston show and remove the barriers that have been stopping persons with a disability from enjoying Artfest and all that we have to offer!  There's something for everyone at our Artfest art and craft shows!

Artfest takes great pride in becoming Kingston’s first outdoor accessible event!
— Show Producer, Lory MacDonald

Our new Accessibility Service Centre was located at the middle of the show, central and easy to get to by paved pathways.  

Dignity - To provide support in a way that maintains self-respect

Independence - To provide an environment where a person can act without unnecessary interference

Integration - To provide service so everyone receives it in a similar way

Equal opportunity - To ensure all goods, services or facilities are accessible


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Artfest Toronto Fall Fine Art & Craft show approaching!

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery

Artfest Toronto hosts two outdoor art and craft shows, one in the spring and one in the fall. Celebrating painting, photography, sculpture, fine craft, live music and more from Canada’s top artists, Artfest Toronto is set throughout the cobblestone lanes of the Distillery Historic District in downtown Toronto.

Artfest Toronto is emerging as one of Toronto’s favourite summer art shows. Be sure to drop by to check out over 75 talented Canadian artists and artisans who will be exhibiting along the cobblestone lanes of the Distillery Historic District. At Artfest Toronto we present a broad spectrum of craft and art media that includes a unique selection of pottery, glass, wood, jewellery, clothing, textiles, painting, sculpture, photography and more.  

Each exhibitor has a personalized style with outstanding craftsmanship. And that's not all. At Artfest Toronto, you can join in for one of our FREE kids workshops, or mosey on over to Trinity Square where the stage is rocking with talented performers. There is something for everyone at Artfest Toronto; don't miss it!  From Sept 1st to 4th!  See you all at the show!!  FREE Admission! 

Fall Fine Art & Craft Show

When: Sept 1-4 2017 (Labour Day Weekend)

Artfest Toronto show times: 11am to 6pm daily


Check out the pictures below - a sneak peak of just a few of our Artfest Toronto exhibitors at the Distillery!  

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First Nations Artists joined Artfest Kingston!

The First Nations fusion this year at Artfest Kingston was the perfect addition to our Artfest art and craft exhibiting team. This collaboration is most fitting in recognizing and celebrating the culture of Canada's First Nations people's! 

*NEW First Nations Artists Pavilion at Artfest Kingston

This year, Artfest Kingston wanted to make a significant addition to its arts programming in order to educate people and promote Canadian First Nations art and craft. This promises to be just the beginning of a feature that will grow and evolve each year! 

Our First Nations Pavilion showcased a group of professional Indigenous artists, a Métis drummer and singer, historical hand crafted art pieces, and a selection of First Nations artwork. Additionally, Artfest Kingston featured First Nations cultural programming that included storytelling, traditional craft demonstrations, singing, poetry and drumming.

If you are a First Nations artist who is interested in participating in next year's Artfest show,  please contact us. There are a limited number of spaces. Please note: travel expense bursaries are available. This is a juried exhibition and we are seeking a mix of handcrafted items:  bead work, painting, photography, pottery, jewellery, glass, textiles, clothing and more so, please feel free to apply.  

Sculpture Forest comes to life at Artfest Kingston

Children's art director, Sabrina Parrish - with the help of other workshop leaders, were working hard on building a sculpture forest with kids and families over the Canada Day long weekend.  

Workshops took place all weekend long and bit by bit, the sculpture forest 'came to life'!   A big thank you goes out to Ontario Power Generation for sponsoring this project! 

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Arthur 11 leads 80 foot long collaborative Chalk Art Mural!

Artist, Arthur 11, led the Word Art Mural project this past Canada Day long weekend at Artfest Kingston and what a great success!  He always manages to pull it all together with his talent and creativity in turn creating the most spectacular masterpiece!  

Sponsored by Art Noise, Artfest KIngston features the inaugural 80 foot mural project since the event's inception six years ago. This project has become a part of Artest Kingston and remains a valued component and addition to the event.  

Arthur II, the renowned Mural Artist from Ottawa, guided visitors in creating their own vision in celebrating Canada by adding their own personal word to the 80ft long x 8ft high surface using brightly-coloured chalks.

Artfest Kingston visitors choose one word depicting the future of Canada and how it may apply to themselves, personally - using decorative word art. Drawings expressed what visitors imagine for the future of Canada.  

On day three, Arthur added his own large scale word imagery taking inspiration from the content created during the first two days. He showcased his own creativity based on the chalk board verbiage that the visitors have left for his creative interpretation. Not knowing what the final outcome would be, Arthur pulled it all together creating the "One Love" phrase that seemed to draw from the contributing artists and participants of the mural creation. 

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Artfest Kingston hit record numbers!

This past Canada Day long weekend was a hit at Artfest Kingston with crowds reaching record numbers. Featuring over 150 fine art and craft exhibitors, there was something for everyone at Artfest!

Artfest Ontario hosts four successful outdoor art and craft events annually (in historic settings) and the Artfest team welcomes everyone to the events with open arms.  

This year was Artfest Kingston's first accessible event and we were thrilled to see such a great turn out!   Please check out some photos from the event in the slideshow below and stay tuned for more to come!  

Thanks to everyone for making this year's event a huge success!  We are hosting the final show of the season this Sept, from Sept 1st to 4th at the Distillery in Toronto. Artfest Toronto hosts two outdoor art and craft shows both celebrating painting, photography, sculpture, fine craft, live music and more from Canada’s top artists. Set throughout the cobblestone lanes of the Distillery Historic District in downtown Toronto - FREE admission.

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ONLY Two Days Left at Artfest Kingston!

Artfest Kingston celebrated our country, Canada, with theatre performances and dance throughout City Park, over 150 fine art and craft exhibitors, gourmet food, craft beer, live music and so much more!  Artists and Artisans from across Ontario and Quebec are in Kingston for TWO more days...come join us and all that Artfest has to offer.  

Walk the shady paths, check out outstanding pottery, glass, wood, jewellery, clothing, art workshops, drum circles, song writing and bring out the creative person in YOU! 

Plan your weekend and put Artfest in the forecast. There's something for  everyone at Artfest.

Sunday- 10am - 6pm, Monday 10am - 6pm

Thank you to Hertz Equipment Rentals!

The Kingston branch of Hertz Equipment Rentals has generously provided large ground mats to help make our festival accessible for persons with disabilities. These are placed around the festival so patrons with mobility disabilities can access the arts programming in the large tents.

Thank you Hertz Equipment Rentals for making Artfest accessible to everyone!

Artfest is excited about the new accessibility features at the show:

  • Increased mobility access to the show features
  • Accessibility Services Centre
  • Dedicated phone: 613-887-2450
  • Large print show programs
  • Large print food menus
  • Charging station for devices
  • Rest area and fresh water for service animals
  • An accessibility specialist on site all weekend
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Artfest Kingston - there's something for everyone!

Artfest Kingston is only a few days away and we are so very excited to be hosting the largest outdoor accessible art and craft event in all of Canada!

Come join in on the fun and free kids programming from July 1st to 3rd!  We are celebrating Canada, our First Nations, Children's Art, Theatre and so much more!  You won't want to miss it! We are planning to hit record numbers at this Artfest event and will be introducing NEW this year - the First Nations Pavilion and our Craft Beer & Wine Centre.  We are also hosting a songwriter stage and on Monday, the 3rd, there will be a live performance of a collaborative song written in tribute to Canada over the weekend!  

There's so much going on at Artfest Kingston.  Not only will we be exhibiting over 150 art and craft vendors, we will be rocking all weekend long on the main stage with talented Canadian musicians!  And if that's not enough, mossy on over to our food area where we offer a selection of gourmet food vendors to go!  Food, music, art and craft - what more could you ask for?

See you all at the show!  

Artfest Kingston Activities for Kids!

Artfest has fun, creative and educational events planned for – well, you all know the expression – “Kids of All Ages.”

Families, get ready. Drop in anytime to a range of activities during this year’s three-day Artfest July 1, 2 and 3rd. Join in our quest to Imagine Canada: Explore our Future.

Children’s Tree Art Mosaic

Children at Artfest will work on a collaborative project led by artists Heather Kushum Sheady, Sabrina Parish and Karen Peperkorn. Kids will illustrate individual 4x4 inch art tiles that express their ideas about Imagine Canada. The art tiles will be assembled onto an onsite graphic art installation of 8ft 3-D cardboard trees depicting a forest and a healthy future Canada. They will also create props and a river with fish, waterbirds and boats.

80 ft Word Art Chalk Board Mural

* Sponsored by Art Noise

Arthur II, the renowned Mural Artist from Ottawa, will guide visitors to make their Celebrate Canada 150th Word Art marks on the 80ft long x 8ft high surface using brightly-coloured chalks. Visitors will choose one word depicting the future of Canada using decorative word art. Drawings will express what visitors imagine for the future of Canada. On day three, Arthur will add his own large scale word imagery taking inspiration from the content created during the first two days. He will then showcase his own creativity based on the chalk board verbiage that the visitors have left for his creative interpretation.

Drumming Workshop & Performance

A diverse group of drumming styles, including South American and First Nations performers, will be presented all three days of the festival. Hosted by the Kingston Drum Circle, the public is invited to join in and try out a wide variety of drumming techniques. Yessica Rivera Belsham will work with drummers to fashion a NEW drumming rhythm sequence that reflects our festival theme - Imagine Canada: Explore our Future.


A NEW original choreographed Canadian Footsteps dance piece depicting the diversity of dance cultures across Canada will be created and performed by the Kingston School of Dance in both modern and ballet styles. Visitors will be invited to join in. This dance debut will be performed on Saturday afternoon by the ‘all ages’ dance troupe and participating visitors.

Face Painting

Get your best face on at the Kingston School of Arts face-painting tent! Get artistic with self-designed butterflies, super heroes, crocodiles, Canadian critters and more. Donations most gratefully accepted.



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Honouring Canada's First Nations People at Artfest Kingston!

Artfest Kingston ~ First Nations Pavilion

Artfest Kingston wanted to make a significant addition to its arts programming to mark this momentous 150 year milestone in our Canadian journey. We decided that is would be most fitting to celebrate the art and culture of our First Nations. This promises to be just the beginning of a feature that will grow and evolve each year.

Our First Nations Pavilion will showcase three professional Indigenous artists. They will also serve in a mentoring role for six Indigenous youth artists (age 18-29). Additionally, we will feature First Nations cultural programming that will include storytelling, traditional craft demonstrations and workshops, dance performance, drumming etc.

Organizing and recruiting for the Pavilion will be led by Jay Bell Redbird and his partner Halina Stopyra. Jay is a very accomplished First Nations artist born in Ottawa, now living in the Toronto Area, and a member of the Wikwemikong unceeded reserve.

Jay says of his work: “I paint from my heart and soul, viewing Aboriginal people through their life ways, as they once lived, and as they strive to continue to live as loving, caring and peaceful people.  The teachings and stories I learn flow to the canvas expressing ideas and images through my detailed woodlands style of art.  A style that I connect with as part of my history passed down from generation to generation.  I paint legends and dreams, which bring to life the animal spirits and all of Creation.  My lines do not lead a life of prejudice they follow the red road, mino bimaadiziwin as I do, following the teachings of the Three Fires Midewiwin Society.”

Halina specializes in commissioned paintings, which are personalized expressions of her clients’ unique inner spirits. She starts with a free, in-depth consultation in which she listens to your story, connecting ruling planet, archetype, symbols, ideal natural settings, colours, and elements.  Her portraits are frequently rendered on doors (as a doorway represents a passage or transformation) and Halina’s personalized portraits offer those represented a reminder that transformation is always there, just beneath the surface, ready to take flight.

There are 134 First Nations in the province of Ontario and 634 recognized First Nations in Canada. Data from the National Household Survey (NHS) show that 1,400,685 people had an Aboriginal identity in 2011, representing 4.3% of the total Canadian population. The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte in the Tyendinega Mohawk Territory are the closest to Kingston with just over 8,000 members.

Notable artists include John Hill and David Robert Maracle in Tyendinega, Peter Hawke Hill in Kingston and Sarah Cram Miller in Trenton.

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Craft Beer & Wine to Celebrate Canada!

Last year Artfest introduced a new Craft Beer and Wine social centre. This year we are excited to announce that we have forged a partnership with the four Rotary Clubs of Kingston who will operate what is commonly known to everyone at summer events as ‘the beer tent’. This is a definite Win-Win situation. Artfest and its fans benefit from the Rotary Clubs’ expertise in operating social functions (with alcohol) and the combined Rotary Club raises money for all its wonderful community services.

The beer tent will be located right beside the live Music Stage and the aromatic food area (just follow your nose!) There will be seating both within the tent as well as outside. We will offer great local craft beer and wine. Our suppliers are still being finalized so you will have to come to the show to find out who they will be. But we guarantee your taste buds will be pleased. Join us for a cold libation on a hot summer’s days.

Come and raise a glass - or two - to toast Canada’s sesquicentennial. Just another reason that you can’t miss Arfest!

Canada's Landscape as Inspiration

Canada’s vast and beautiful landscape is revered highly around the world, hence the 18,000,000 people (in 2015) who came to visit and explore our country, according to Statistics Canada. From the East to the West coast the vistas are truly breathtaking. Artists of all genres get their core inspiration from our rugged country. Their interpretations can result in anything from high realism to abstract art. Artfest has many exhibiting artists who passionately embrace the Canadian landscape as their muse.

Edina Racz from White Lotus Design makes stunning silver jewellery inspired our natural settings. Hiking through forests, viewing shapes in cloud formations and looking at river patterns as it carved its way through rock and sand – all these influences shaped and inspired her unique jewellery designs.

Watercolourist Dave Gordon was privileged, as are many Canadians, to grow up exploring the outdoors. Dave felt a strong attraction to nature, particularly to fields, ponds and woodlots near his parents’ home. His travels introduced him to the wonders of nature and a sense of being at peace in the countryside.  At the time, Dave did not understand the attraction, but the feeling ultimately led him to landscape painting.  Rural scenes are still his calling, focusing on nature scenes, farm houses and barns. His paintings capture the essence of light reflected on our beautiful landscapes.

You can’t really talk about landscape without considering traditional barns. Though once a staple in our daily lives, alas, they are becoming very difficult to find – especially in good repair. Artist Matt Jones (along with his siblings) grew up on a small heritage farm in Saint George, Ontario, working with both livestock and in the family apple orchard. Years later, after moving to Burford, Ontario and raising a family of his own, one of the family barns collapsed in the ice storms of 2015. Matt started experimenting with the barn wood, creating and designing coat racks and eventually barn board flags for gifts.

After inquiries from neighbours and some encouragement from his daughters, Matt started M. Jones Creations in November of 2015. He is passionate about reviving old materials in a way that enhances the character and preserves the history of the wood.

The first step is removing the hundreds of square nails found in each board. The wood is then scrubbed and sanitized before being finished into barn board flags, coatracks, and some specialized furniture. Each piece is hand-painted with proper barn paint before being sealed with a polyurethane spray. All wall-mounted pieces come ready-to-hang as Matt hand-makes and installs wire hooks on the flags and sheldon hangers on the larger pieces. The result is a rustic piece of history, perfect for a cottage, backyard or den.

Check out the slideshow below of some of Artfest Kingston's Artists/Artisans - representing Canadian landscape!  

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Paint a Picnic Table at Artfest Kingston!

Artfest families will once again have the chance to participate in our picnic table project.  This event was such a hit last year that we're bringing it back - Bigger and Better!

Twenty large picnic tables will be ready to act as our canvases for the weekend.  Stop by for a few minutes to see artists painting tables in all different genres - or spend the afternoon participating and painting with your family and friends.  Each table will feature a different theme based on the places and things we explore and discover.  For example, hidden treasure, coral reef, new planets, a pirate map, the secret garden and more!  

You can bid on your table in the silent auction with the proceeds going to support Artfest Kids and Family Arts Education Inc. non-profit.

Get ready to create at Artfest Kingston!  We have a lot of fun programming scheduled!  See you at the show!  


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