Unique Painting Styles at Artfest Toronto

We have an astonishing selection of Canadian artists and painters at all of our Artfest Ontario shows.  Their works incorporate many genres and are breathtakingly beautiful - to say the least!  We invite you at come out to our Artfest Toronto show this weekend and see for yourself! The show is OPEN now!  

Artfest Toronto runs from 11-6pm, daily for Labour Day long weekend at the Distillery Historic District in downtown Toronto.  Our jury selection is a difficult task for our Artfest shows as we have many talented Canadian painters to choose from.  So our final selection features top Canadian fine art painters from across Canada.

Looking for a new painting for your home?  There is something for everyone at Artfest Toronto!   The collection of fine art painters is vast so you are sure to find that perfect art-piece to hang on your wall and gravitate with your home decor.  From Canadian landscape paintings to abstract expressionism, pop art, and surrealism, wander the cobble stone streets and bring home an original art piece ~ YOU deserve it!  



Posted on September 1, 2017 and filed under Paintings, Wall Art.