Artfest Celebrates Canadian Art & Craft over the past 150 years!

Canadian Art & Craft over the past 150 years is something to certainly celebrate in recognition of our outstanding artists and artisans across the country. Please check out our Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Art blog postings here and feel free to share our Artfest Blogs with all your social networks.  

Scroll through the following slideshow to view some of Canada's talented artists over the past 150 years!  

For a list of Canadian Art Galleries, click here. 

Celebrate art and craft with us by sharing your stories and artwork with us and of course, please feel free to LIKE our Social Media pages. Artfest Ontario hosts four fine art & craft shows yearly. Our events are FREE to the public and held outdoors in beautiful historic settings.

at the Distillery Historic District is celebrating it's eleventh year!

The Artfest Ontario 2017 show dates are: Artfest Toronto at the Distillery - Spring ~ May 20-22 and fall ~ Sept 1-4 2017.

Artfest Port Credit - May 26 - 28 & Artfest Kingston, July 1 - 3.  

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Artfest 2017

Artfest has four events planned for 2017. Artists from across Ontario and Quebec will gather to exhibit twice in Toronto at the Distillery District on May 20-22 and Sept 1-4; in Port Credit May 26-28 at Memorial Park, and in Kingston on Canada Day weekend July 1-3 in City Park.

Canadians are celebrating across the country for Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. Artfest has many special arts programming activities planned at our events to commemorate the year. Watch for updates and announcements as our projects are announced. It is going to be a great year! Celebrating 150 years of Canadian Fine Art & Craft.

Here is our new 2017 Artfest graphic which you will see on all of our promotional materials.

Artfest 2017- Canada 150 Graphic.jpg
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Children's Workshop Director Sabrina Parrish joins us at Artfest Toronto!

Read more about Sabrina here. Free Artfest Kids programming is happening all weekend this Labour Day long weekend at the Distillery Historic District.  

Artfest’s mandate is to celebrate artists and crafters of ALL ages. Artfest show producer Lory MacDonald also organizes the largest children’s art exhibition in Canada, the Magic of Children in the Arts, in Collingwood Ontario.  Over 1000 kids exhibited their artwork in the 2016, 22nd annual show. She clearly has a passion for encouraging youth and their creativity. Sabrina Parrish, Artfest’s children’s art programming director was one of the first child artists in that event. She now designs and teaches art lessons for all ages.  We are proud of Sabrina's progress as an artist and she is a big part of our children's FREE arts and crafts programming.

Artfest is the place to be this weekend with FREE kids programming for all.  Check out what's going on - here.

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Artfest Toronto's Media Sponsor Epoch Times introduces the Shen Yun Symphony


"Artfest Toronto is proud to have the support of the Epoch Times who is bringing the Shen Yun Symphony to Roy Thomson Hall, October 23rd at 2:00pm.. The Shen Yun Symphony brings music from 5000 years of Chinese civilization to life."

The Shen Yun Symphony brings music from 5000 years of Chinese civilization to life.

The performance is a fascinating combination of Eastern and Western musical traditions that no other orchestra has ever captured. This 'transformative experience' is one you won't want to miss. Purchase your tickets at Artfest Toronto in Booth C4 on Casegoods Lane. Sept 2-5, 2016.

Shen Yun Dance 2017 World Tour

To Purchase your Shen Yun tickets ~ Book here.


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Thank-you Artfest Media Partners!

Artfest would like to thank our media partners for sharing our event information and news! 

Our ads run on the following dates with our media partners:

  • Toronto Star: Sept 1, Sept 4 (Thursday & Sunday, Entertainment and Insights Section)
  • Now Magazine: Aug 26, Sept 2
  • Downtown Bulletin: August Edition
  • Beach Metro News: Aug 23 Edition
  • Epoch Times English August 25th Edition, \Chinese August 30th Edition
  • Jazz 91.1 FM: Aug 24- Aug 29
  • Akimbo - Ad online now, Eblast goes out August August 27th & 30th


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Artfest Welcomes New & Flourishing Artists!

Some exciting new artists to see at Artfest are:

Morgan Jones Art, Art By Misbah, Garth Laidlaw from Art Story, David Trotter, Maria Iva, Art We Wonderful, Cheryl Miles Goldring, Garry Revesz Photography, Times Gone By Studio, Basket Case, Cuir Philamain (leather), Left Align Design Art Studio, Halina Stopyra, J. K. Ribout Photography, Krajewski Gallery, Nicole Moss Art, Sip and Paint (Jibola Fagbamiye), Dances with Ghosts, Sorian Art, The French Laundry and Verbeek Glass.

Plus many of your Artfest favorites.

Artfest Toronto is celebrating 10 years of fine art & craft shows at the Distillery Historic District. The show has grown in quality and stature over this time, and is Toronto’s favourite arts event to attend on the last long weekend of the summer. Expect to see many Torontonians and visitors from all over at the show. We advertise and promote the show widely and draw a great mix of ‘handmade in Canada’ lovers. The Distillery is the perfect setting to step back in time when everything was handcrafted. Stroll the cobblestone lanes and enjoy award winning restaurant menus, craft beer and wine.

See you all this Labour Day long weekend for an event unlike any other!!

Check out these talented artists at Artfest Toronto this year and have a look at their work in the slideshow below.  You'll be truly amazed!  Artfest welcomes our new artists and we hope you will, too!

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Portrait of an Artisan: Lukian Glass Studios

Ron Lukian and Gail Hall, international award winning glass artisans, have been creating delicate painted hand blown perfume bottles, paperweights, goblets, bowls, vases and ring holders at their studios in Rawdon, Quebec, since 1972. Both are self taught. Their years of experience are reflected in the refinement and quality of their work. Ron blows the glass and Gail creates delicate 'story book' illustrations that capture your imagination and warm your heart.

Since first establishing their studios in 1972, these talented artists, have developed a style that is distinctly theirs. Creating a series of lovely perfume vials as well as goblets, bowls, vases and ring holders, the team will be proudly featuring their glass work at the upcoming Artfest Toronto show from Sept 2nd - 4th, 2015 (This Labour Day long week-end!).

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Wearable art at Artfest at the Distillery!

Devine is synonymous with distinctive, 'One Of A Kind' pieces of jewellery. Ted, Carol and their son, Jake, work in sterling silver, and various karats and colours of gold, usually incorporating precious and semi-precious stones.

Ted is well known for his clean, uncluttered and functional designs … as well as his perfectly fashioned bezel settings. Unusual for their trade Ted, Carol and Jake do all their own work - designing, making by hand, stone setting, polishing and marketing. Carol's background is in interior design combined with her talent for drawing creates the perfect atmosphere to marry an artist's talent with customer's wishes for the numerous custom orders they create each year.

Ted and Carol, along with their irreplaceable manager Tracey enjoy meeting and introducing all to the unique and wonderful Jewellery on display at Devine Fine Jewellery at the charming and historic Chateau Laurier Hotel in downtown Ottawa. Other venues to view their work include The One of a Kind Christmas and Spring Shows in Toronto, and The Originals Christmas Craft Show in Ottawa.

Devine Fine Jewellery welcomes the opportunity to create that special something for that special someone, whatever the occasion!


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Archival Photography Prints available at Artfest Toronto!

George Gill is a Peterborough based fine art photographer who loves the endless possibilities of photography combined with the power of the digital darkroom.

George’s images evolve from a passion for exploring new areas while immersing himself in the local flare. From an initial image, a story is crafted, encompassing two or more images, amplifying the emotions of the story he envisions in his mind. The final step is a meticulously crafted archival print. George is exhibiting at the Distillery District Sept 2-5 on Trinity Lane at Artfest.

Visit George Gill's website to view his work - George Gill Photography.

Visit George Gill's website to view his work - George Gill Photography.

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SORiaN ArT delves deep into the surreal!

As a painter, Sorin Cretu’s focus is into the abstract, the conceptual, the surreal......
— Sorin, Sorian Art

As a surrealist painter (and a philosophical poet), Sorin Cretu's focus is into the abstract, the conceptual, the surreal, the archetypes, the ideas, and the metaphors of this world. All combined with the vastness of the soul.  These are the seeds and the pillars of the stories that Sorin portrays in his vibrant artwork. His paintings clearly demand the participation of the observer, to dive inside them, and to embrace them in order to eyewitness this emerging new world. 

Sorin's artwork represents  is the living into the state of getting closer to the finality of our questions, it is the act of not walking away and turning the back to our battles, our turmoil and our dreams. Sorin's art has the power to bring you back to life. "You are all invited to fully participate into this new realization of our cosmos," shares Sorin.  View his work at our upcoming Artfest Port Credit show and check out his website here: SORiaN ArT.

Look again at this world through my art like through a magical crystal and find a new connection with your own intimacy, your prejudices, your shame and guilt, your safe zones and your dark demons lurking behind our precious convenience.
— Sorin

Sorin's background in art and philosophy gives to this attempt a distinctive perspective. Through his paintings and his poems he is able to guide you into this new world. Look again at this world through his  art like through a magical crystal and find a new connection with your own intimacy, your prejudices, your shame and guilt, your safe zones and your dark demons lurking behind our precious convenience.


"My artist name is SORiaN, I am surrealist artist painter and my favorite medium is oil on canvas. As a painter, my focus is into the abstract, the conceptual, and the surreal.

Archetypes, ideas, metaphors of this world and the vastness of the soul are the seeds and the pillars of the stories that I am telling in my paintings. They demand the presence, the attention and the participation of the observer, to dive inside them, to embrace them in order to eyewitness this emerging new world.

The various philosophical, historical, social, psychological concepts are woven together into compositions which are telling stories along with them, inviting the beholder to understand them, to decrypt them, to re-evaluate one`s own vantage point, to give expression to the meaning of each one’s paradise or torment. My background in art and philosophy gives to this attempt a distinctive perspective.

My art looks for the liberated seeker, with the depth, tension and sharpness of un-imprisoned thought; it is about what seems to be in our sight, but mostly hides at the edge of our eye, it is about the truth in our un-admitted lies and the freedom we silently crave for in the shadow of our defeats. My art is about the presence, about the now and here in everything and the endurance to walk this path. "

Forest of Gods ~ SORiaN ArT

Forest of Gods ~ SORiaN ArT



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Oil & Soft Pastel Landscape Paintings ~ Maria Iva

Artists Biography:

Maria is a visual artist who works in the media of oil and soft pastel. She started as a still life photographer and focused on exploring light brush technique which allowed her to create interesting light in her images.

Later, she moved to painting to overcome the limitation of the camera and to produce more expressive artwork. Today she focuses more on landscape painting. The subjects of her paintings are trees, grass, water and sand.

As a landscape painter she tries to do most of her work on location. She loves nature and painting outside gives her a lot of joy. She calls herself a colourist. She is inspired by sun lit scenes with vibrant colours and she tries to pass on this excitement to her viewers.

She has found that she gets the best results when she uses the pure pigment of soft pastels or paint with a palette knife in oil. Both techniques allow her to keep her colours clean and bright.

Visit Maria's Website - Maria Iva

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Artfest Show Producer ~ Lory MacDonald

Lory MacDonald is the art producer of four amazing Artfest shows in Ontario - Port Credit, Kingston and Toronto (which there are two shows). Lory is an artist, producer, arts educator and active advocate of the arts.

A high energy, creative self-starter, with an artistic knack for arts of all types, Lory is continually tackling new and thought-provoking challenges.  She has extensive training in fine art, graphic design, giftware product design, computer graphics, marketing and advertising, and has, for as long as she can remember, been involved in art.  

Lory's artwork is colourful, uplifting and energetic, while the process she uses in creating her vibrant pieces is rather complex. All of her imagery comes from either a root or base drawing, derived and inspired by nature. Using her imagination, Lory combines symbols, imagery, and patterns onto a series of drawings. Check out her website and see for yourself just how truly talented Lory really is. 

I wanted to be an artist since I was 13 years old. It’s just what I was planning.
— Lory MacDonald


Her art shows have been very successful and she looks forward to each show.  Her business and life mission is to share and encourage creativity in the arts which in turn enriches the lives of others. Lory's kind heart, outstanding talent, and community involvement is a driving force in her artwork and success of her Artfest shows!

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Join us for Gallery Day on Sept 2nd at Artfest at the Distillery!

This Labour Day long weekend Artfest Ontario welcomes Galleries from near and far to join us at Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Historic District.  With a varied selection of Canada's top Artists, Artisans and Designers, this is your opportunity to find the perfect fit for your Gallery. 

The Artfest Gallery Day feature takes place on Friday Sept 2. Toronto Galleries are invited to come and seek out new artists for their rosters. If you want a chance to spend quality time with the exhibiting artists and have the best choice of art pieces, then Friday is the best day for this.

You can choose from over 75 exhibitors and also partake in the festivities, FREE kids programming (should you bring along a little one), and overall creative arts and crafts culture that you won't find anywhere else other than Artfest.  We are unique in our event planning and stand out from all the rest!  Artfest is where it's at!

Celebrating painting, photography, sculpture, fine craft, live music and more, Artfest is set throughout the cobblestone lanes of the Distillery Historic District in downtown Toronto and is completely FREE! 

Gallery Day is the perfect chance for you to get out, meet other like minded individuals and artists and also celebrate and support local Canadian artists!  Who knows, this could be the ideal networking event for you as well!  Don't miss out this Labour Day long weekend on the Friday of the event.  See you soon!

Artfest welcomes the following Galleries to join us at Sept 2nd at the Distillery PLUS 125 more!!

Odon Wagner Gallery -
The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery
Yellow House Gallery
Bau-Xi Gallery -
Christin Gallery -
Canvas Gallery -
Gallery Gevik -
Canadian Fine Arts

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Artist Garth Laidlaw Writes and Illustrates Magical Children's Stories

Garth Laidlaw is one of Artfest's first time exhibitors and we are thrilled to have him at the show. Currently residing in Guelph, ON, Garth will be selling his children's books and illustrations on Gristmill Lane at the Distillery Historic District on Labour Day weekend. Atfest is open from 11am-6pm Daily Friday Sept 2-Monday Sept 5.

In Garth's words: I wrote this story when I was volunteering for a rural school project while travelling in Tanzania, Africa.  I had a lot of time in between the volunteering work, and I was surprised to find myself writing a lot while I was there.  I think there is something important that happens when you are disconnected from many home comforts like electricity, plumbing, internet, and even familiar faces.  This is the time spent in the 'unfamiliar world', as Joseph Campbell would have called it. In this kind of setting, I found I was spending most of my free hours either reading what was available at the camp, or writing.  Have studied visual arts and animation in college, this was a surprise to me.  I realized through this experience that I enjoy writing stories about as much as I love making the illustrations for them.  This was a formative realization that provided me with the mental clarity to know that I needed to go through a hybrid-publishing route when I returned to Canada.  

 Many things helped me bring the project to completion, but many more were trying to convince me to abandon it.  By sheer luck and forceful perseverance I seem to have swum through the waves of resistance that I felt while working on the book.  Sometimes it seems like artists and writers need to develop an almost delusional but passionate belief that our stories might affect someone's view of the world.  Without this, it's difficult to maintain the structure necessary to treat it as a real career.  When I think about many of the stories I read as a child, I feel like some have definitely shaped me in small or large ways through some of the thoughts and ideas they expressed. 

I now have more story ideas than I know what to do with.  Some I imagine as future books, some as animated films, and some as paintings, but I am stuck working within one body and the limited hours in the day, so I must intentionally slow myself down quite often.

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Zimbabwe Artist Chaka features his work at Artfest Toronto!

Zimbabwe artist, Chaka, is back once again to showcase his cultural creations at Artfest Toronto this Labour Day long weekend at the one and only Distillery Historic District in Toronto.  Chaka creates breathtaking sculptures from Zimbabwe stone as well as up-cycled silver-wear.

Stone sculpture from Zimbabwe has been called 'Shona Sculpture', named after the largest tribe in Zimbabwe. This stone has played a fundamental role in the lives of Zimbabwean people for many generations, whether for building houses or creating sculpture. It is quite fitting that the name Zimbabwe came from the Shona phrase, dzimba dzamabwe - meaning 'great house of stone'.

Did you know that the word Zimbabwe means house of stone?  In fact, Zimbabwe is renowned for its wide variety and abundance of volcanic rock.

Chaka Chikodzi will be exhibiting at Artfest Toronto on Trinity Lane, from Sept 2nd - 5th. He welcomes you and shares his knowledge about Zimbabwe stone art. Be sure to check out his sculpture art and say hi!

Chaka's work is quickly evolving and he is busy trying to keep up with his ever growing demand for his cultural creations! 

Artist Statement:

"My own artistic practice as a sculptor began when I was a youth in Zimbabwe. The country’s economy was in decline; sculpting offered an opportunity to create income while expressing the difficulties of our postcolonial atmosphere.

Working in Canada, my artistic practice has helped me connect my experience with Canadians. Sculpting is very much directed by the stone’s natural formation; I work in cooperation with the stone to create forms that highlight its original beauty. The sculpting process is labour-intensive, and takes patience and focus, working with only hand-tools is an experience counter to the majority of activities that young Canadians of all backgrounds are used to participating in.

Zimbabwean stone sculpture is a good news story. Its subject matter reflects the lives of people struggling and celebrating life."



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Experience Fine Art & Culture at Artfest Toronto!

Everyone is welcome at our annual Artfest Ontario shows! However, we especially love to see grandparents bringing out their little ones to join in on the FREE activities, unique workshops and arts and crafts culture!  There's so much to do and what better way to share such a memorable experience than to bring along your grandchild.  Grandparents absolutely love Artfest!

Bring out creativity in your children while supporting our local Canadian artists and designers at Artfest Toronto this Labour Day long weekend!  There is something for everyone!  This event is FREE, one-of-a-kind, and focuses on creations made from raw materials. There's live music, daily, gourmet food available, and the cobble stone streets of the Distillery are filled with a variety of outstanding restaurants to choose from.  Read more here about where to eat at the Distillery Historic District while visiting us at Artfest Toronto. You are sure to have a dining experience you'll want to write home about!

From cozy comfort food to the decadence of French Fusion cuisine, the Distillery District’s restaurants are the perfect place to celebrate - whether it’s a milestone or just a beautiful day.
— Historic Distillery District

Here's a sneak peak of just a few remarkable items you'll find at our Fine Arts & Crafts Show this Labour Day long weekend from Sept 2nd to 5th! 

More About Artfest Ontario:

Artfest Ontario hosts four art & craft shows yearly. Our events are FREE to the public and held outdoors in beautiful historic settings. Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Historic District is celebrating it's tenth year. There are currently two shows: Spring May 21-23 and fall Sept 2-5 2016.

Artfest Kingston is now in it's fifth year. Artfest Kingston is held in the spacious City Park with 150 artist and artisan exhibitors and includes live music, dance, children's art workshops, theatre workshops, interactive mural project, community arts tent, *The Sculpture Forest, the *Family Picnic Day Project, the Easel Invasion and the International Food Area plus more. All programming is free to the public.

We started a new show last year in the historic downtown of Port Credit in Memorial Park. Despite a rained out weekend, the inaugural show was a success and we are looking forward to many years of Artfest Port Credit shows! See you there on May 26-28 2017.

See you all at our last show of the year at the Distillery Historic District!!  Let's celebrate our final show this year with a bang! 

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Olena & Vladimir work together to create their art in their Stouffville Studio

Olena and Vladamir create together and are inspired by the beauty of Canadian landscape. See them at Artfest Toronto at the Distillery District coming up on Labour Day weekend in booth E14 & 15 on Gristmill Lane.

Olena Lopatina was born in Ukraine and graduated from the Academy of Art and Design with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree. She moved to Canada in 1997 and now lives in Stouffville, Ontario. After moving to Canada, she attained a degree in Computer Graphic Design and Multimedia Web Design. She then became an active artist in the community. Her love of art came at an early age. The inspiration of nature – landscapes, waterscapes, and floral became the themes of her paintings. As an intuitive painter, she finds beauty in her surroundings and enjoys painting what inspires her; using oils to portray that beauty.

Vladimir Lopatin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He attained a Bachelor of Arts degree at the Academy of Art and Design in Kharkov, Ukraine. He moved to Canada in 1997 and now lives in Stouffville, Ontario. His interest and love of art began during childhood and became a lifelong passion. He likes to work using different materials like oil, pastel, and watercolor, but he finds oil paint and wood sculptures to be the ideal mediums to express his passion for art. He paints and sculpts the world he lives in. Nature gives him an endless supply of forms and patterns for inspiration. His inspiration comes from the shadowing, curvature, shape, color, and texture of the wood itself. His art is stylized fantasy rather than realism.

Shop, Dine & Enjoy Fine Art & Crafts at the Distillery!

With more than 80 upscale shops, boutiques and a selection of delectable restaurants and cafes to choose from, The Distillery District is your destination for fresh urban style, unique home furnishings, and mouth-watering treats.

The Distillery District is alive with culture and character!  The cobble stones streets are inviting and portray a historic feeling unlike any other place.  You'll find theatres, studios, galleries, and more! 

An inspired blend of Victorian Industrial architecture and stunning 21st century design and creativity.
— Distillery

The result of this unique area in Toronto is nothing short of perfection. As the Toronto Star says: “To enter The Distillery is to step back into an era of horse-drawn carts, windmills and sailing ships”.  The restoration is to marvel upon, but it is only when you experience the inside of thebuildings that you realize the magnitude of accomplishments within the district!

For a list of the restaurants at the Distillery, click here.

For place to shop, click here.

The Distillery Historic District opened in 2003 and today it is widely regarded as Canada’s premier arts, culture and entertainment destination. A place brimming with creativity and creative people, that can inspire dreams, and a place that can help them come true.
— Distillery

Are you interested in the history and heritage of the Distillery?  Read all about it here.

Artfest Toronto returns to the Distillery Historic District Sept 2-5 with a four-day outdoor art exhibition. This is the 10th year for the show.  Celebrate with us!!

Artfest is one of Toronto’s favourite events to celebrate the last long weekend of the summer.

The Distillery site is the perfect setting for the show where history meets contemporary art and photography. You will discover sculpture, pottery, glass, jewellery, designer clothing, and more.  Stroll the enchanting cobble stoned 19th century district and enjoy stepping back in time when everything was hand crafted. The artists are looking forward to meeting you!

Enjoy live music with different performers each day from 11am-6pm. The Artfest Kids free art program is onsite as well with four days of creative fun

Experience a meaningful and memorable day trip to Artfest Toronto Sept 2-5 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 11am-6pm. FREE admission. 

Contact: Lory MacDonald: 705-812-2914

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RAW eco-jewellery Features Statement Jewellery for the Wild & Vivacious!

RAW eco jewellery produces contemporary and imaginative jewellery by transforming an abundant supply of antique and reclaimed mareials, antique buttons and other unique vintage treasures in distinctive and innovative designs. See her Look Book here.

RAW is a traveling curio shop of handmade bohemian style jewellery.

A blend of elemental metals and dedicated craftsmanship form the backbone of the RAW aesthetic. Artisan made fashion jewellery, RAW creates using traditional, metal-smith and fine jewellery techniques.

Often drawn from reclaimed sources, otherwise overlooked materials are stripped, prepped and transformed by dedication and love of a hammer, anvil & files.

Hand cut, pierced, twisted, cold forged and soldered metal coaxed into incredible details, seamlessly marrying together relics from our industrial heritage with artifacts of our natural world.

Hand collected organic seeds, brass & copper curiosities, antique time pieces, rich silks & vintage textiles pair with crystals, bone, antler & exotic seeds to tell stories of the past, present and future.

Inspired by ethnic cultures, nomadic lifestyles and intrinsic values, everything RAW is created with quality and intention.
— Devaki ~ RAW eco jewellery artisan



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Pure Leaf Sponsor exhibits at Artfest Toronto this Labour Day long weekend!

Click here to find a couple delicious recipes made with the finest Pure Leaf Tea's! 

Pure Leaf most certainly has a passion for leaves and creating the most delectable thirst quenching drinks around!  Offering sweetened and unsweetened teas, Pure Leaf offers a selection of the finest, super-premium, organic tea leaves brewed with fruits and herbs to bring you a tea-house experience unlike any other, anytime and anywhere!

Pure Leaf is a premium iced tea brewed from real tea leaves, picked at their freshest. Their brewing process is simple and authentic with a passion for realness that extends to everything they do.  Find them at Artfest Toronto this Labour Day long weekend at the Distillery Historic District in Toronto.  Sept 2nd to 5th!

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