A touch of Europe at Artfest Toronto 2017!

The Story of the Historic Distillery District: A DREAM COMES TRUE

The Distillery Historic District opened in 2003 and today it is widely regarded as Canada’s premier arts, culture and entertainment destination. A place brimming with creativity and creative people, that can inspire dreams, and a place that can help them come true.
— Distillery Historic District

How The Distillery District came to be......

"Nearly 10 years ago a small group of visionary developers had a dream for Toronto. They looked at a derelict collection of Victorian Industrial buildings that had been pronounced a national historic site and imagined transforming it. Not into another “historic district” or “pioneer village” but into something exciting and unique. Something the city would be proud of. They wanted to create a place that would excite and inspire the senses. Where people could experience new ideas, new foods, new designs and new ways of living and working.

Our vision was to combine the romance and relaxing atmosphere of European walking and patio districts with the hip, cool dynamic of an area like New York City’s SoHo or Chelsea, where creative minds get together and you feel as if anything could happen.

Their dream was to provide a place where creativity would flourish and passion would be aroused – where artists, artisans, entrepreneurs and businesspeople could rub shoulders and inspire each other. So they began plans to restore the 47 buildings known as the Gooderham & Worts Distillery.

They harnessed the talent of hundreds of tradesmen and craftsmen who were skilled in working with 19th century timber, planks, stone and brick. They went to great lengths in the restoration process to repurpose original materials and brilliantly blend them with today’s modern materials and green technologies.

The result is nothing short of perfection. As the Toronto Star says: 'To enter The Distillery is to step back into an era of horse-drawn carts, windmills and sailing ships'. One can only marvel at the authentic exterior restoration that was achieved. But it is when you step inside the buildings that you truly realize the magnitude of what was accomplished.

What you will find is a dramatic fusion of old and new. An inspired blend of Victorian Industrial architecture and stunning 21st century design and creativity. The result is an internationally acclaimed village of one-of-a-kind stores, shops, galleries, studios, restaurants, cafes, theatres and more."

Source: The Historic Distillery District, Toronto, Ontario

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Glass Art at Artfest Toronto this weekend!

We all know trying to find that perfect and unique glass art piece is next to impossible.  It's only at fine art and craft shows such as Artfest Toronto that you come across glass art that draws you in and makes you wonder; How in the world did they make that?

Well...at Artfest Toronto. this Victoria Day long weekend from May 20th - 22nd, we are happy to host a selection of fine glass artists along the cobble stone streets of the Distillery Historic District.  So, be sure to drop by our talented glass artists' booths to check out their astonishing art pieces. 

La Glasseria 

La Glasseria 

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Good Eats at Artfest Toronto this weekend!

Artfest Toronto is delighted to be located in Toronto's historic Distillery District  where there are a variety of award winning restaurants on-site.  For a list of restaurants and locations, visit: Great Places to eat at the Distillery.

We host a number of gourmet food artisans who offer a fine selection of delectable gourmet items to tantalize your taste buds and tempt your heart. Sampling is encouraged!


Artfest Toronto's gourmet offerings include:

Cooks Gourmet ~ offering a fine selection of tapenades, spreads, culinary sauces and olives

Wicket Gourmet ~ featuring endless ideas for transforming meat, chicken, pork, seafood, tofu, veggies and more into "Feasts of Flavour"

Pepperbrew ~ gourmet hot sauce created originally in the mountains of Jamaica.  "The Best Hot Sauce in the World!:

Carmichael Meats ~ offers a selection of specialty meats which include.their traditional smoked beef and pork products, venison, kangaroo and bison.

Sprucewood Cookies  ~ enticing samples of handmade shortbread cookies served this weekend 

At  all of our Artfest Ontario shows we select only the finest of gourmet food experts. Try them; all or just one, you'll be happy you did. 

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Brianna Mulvale features her folk art paintings at Artfest Port Credit!

Brianna Mulvale is a young full time Canadian artist and designer from Georgetown, Ontario. Her love for art and creating began in early childhood and is one of her main inspirations in life. Creating and painting is her everyday pleasure and commitment. Brianna creates folk art that is fun and whimsical, with a little bit of funk.

I try as an artist to present a reflection of the beauty in life with inspirations drawn from the otherwise mundane and inspired by what connects us all, even if not seen in the moment of time. 
Life is a series of ups and downs. Art should reflect this and be able to move you. I prefer to cheer people up. The thought is: we could all use a little extra happiness in our lives wherever we can get it. If I can make someone smile with my art, then I have succeeded.”
— Brianna Mulvale

Brianna works with acrylic on canvas and her themes are based on folk art.. Her paintings depict sweet characters inhabiting a charming hilly land. Her paintings are full of a collection of houses, hills, hot air balloons, scarecrows, horses, dogs, cows and cats, kites, kids, and snowmen.

Her use of vibrant colours creates an enchanting world that draws you in. Brianna also creates giclée archival prints and blank greeting card reproductions of her work. All of the imaging is completed by her and the prints are produced in Halton, Ontario.

Check out Brainna's Artwork here.  Her funky, folk artwork will be showcased at Artfest Port Credit, from May 26 - 28th!  See you at the show! 

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Metal Mind Forge ~ Kyle Thornley

Blacksmith artisan, Kyle Thornley - will be exhibiting his metal artwork at our Artfest Port Credit show, May 26th- 28th!  

Kyle Thornley has been in both the artistic and architectural blacksmiths field since 2005 with the establishment of Metal Mind Forge in 2009.  Through commissioned works, functional pieces, architectural metalwork and exhibitions, he is deeply committed to the practice. Kyle finds blacksmith work totally engaging with both the intellectual and physical demands – visualizing a goal, establishing the creation process, and acting on that plan with a mind open to alterations and innovations in form.

This progression requires handling multiple images in rapid succession: the fire, the plasticity of the iron, the feel of the hammer, and the expectations for shape – a process that is both exciting and sustaining. 

Kyle uses both traditional techniques and modern processes to maximize the properties and integrity of the steel; the design possibilities with metal are infinite. When working with fire, manipulating the material, feeling the weight and textures, all senses are connected to the matter and the process.  This is when Kyle feels he fully understands the historic roots of blacksmithing’s in the human experience.

Kyle’s belief in the power of community to effect change is mirrored in the generous spirit of the global blacksmithing community through which he has incorporated knowledge and resources from master smiths around the world with his own individual study and experimentation.  Kyle has a strong commitment to share this rich and historic practice.

Each forged creation by Kyle Thornley of Metal Mind Forge is distinctive with unique features of texture, size and finish.  The blacksmithed metal designs range from traditional to contemporary highlighting the endless compositional possibilities of heat and hammers bringing life to industrial steel.  The products extend from functional to fine art  - from forged candle holders, shelving, fireplace tools to garden sculpture, art vessels, contemporary sculpture.

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Artfest Gourmet Food Exhibitors to Delight your Palate!

Artfest Toronto visitors absolutely love food, that's why we have a scrumptious selection of fine gourmet foods available at all of our Artfest shows! 

We have gathered a delightful group of gourmet food artisans for you to choose from.  They are all fantastic and as you stroll through the art exhibits at the Distillery District in Toronto this Victoria Day long weekend, you will be enticed to sample, and likely purchase, many delicious treats!

Our Artfest Goumet Food exhibitors proudly mix together a fine selection of fresh and locally sourced ingredients to please each and every palate taste!  This year at the Distillery you'll find Pepperbrew Hot Sauces, Sprucewood Cookies, Carmichael MeatsWicket Gourmet, and Cooks Gourmet!  All to die for!!


Our Gourmet Food Exhibitors:

Pepper Brew Gourmet Pepper Sauces was created originally in the mountains of Jamaica and has quickly established its home in Ontario.  Pepper Brew Gourmet Pepper Sauces is the brainchild of Elizabeth Hill who created these original full-bodied, full-flavoured pepper sauces over 14 years ago.

The product was created out of a need to fill a void in the available choices of store brand pepper sauces that all competed for first-place in having a lot of heat, but lacking in flavor. What started out as a very special product shared among family and friends has now become a line of Canadian made pepper sauces that they are proud to share with the world.

Sprucewood Cookies has been exhibiting at Artfest shows now for several years. We love chef Mark! He is constantly evolving his recipe repertoire and adding new varieties to his line of addictive and delicious shortbread cookies. Sprucewood Cookies is the source for all natural and fabulous fine food products.

They are a young, creative, and committed team of foodies who manufacture high quality, small batch, handmade savory shortbread cookies, and pure dessert shortbread cookies. Share their passion for fine food and pure flavours and drop by their booth at the show for a sample of their delectable goodies. Sprucewood is "artisan" in their approach and all of their products are handmade with culinary love and care.

Carmichael Meats began when Dougal Carmichael started his concession business in 1976 selling confectionery products. Since then, Dougal attended many local fall fairs, craft shows and other events creating a successful small family business.  In 1987, Dougal expanded the business to include specialty meats.  Along with our traditional smoked beef and pork products, we also offer Venison, Kangaroo, Bison and other specialty meats.  

Carmichael Meats is now promoted at shows throughout Ontario.

Wicket Gourmet shares endless ideas for transforming meat, chicken, pork, seafood, tofu, veggies and more into "Feasts of Flavour". Go ahead, indulge yourself! Explore. When you're done contact Wicket Gourmet and treat yourself to the most incredible taste sensations you've ever experienced.

At Wicked Gourmet it's all about flavour & taste. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

Cook's Gourmet was established by Dave and Sandy Cook and boy oh boy are their gourmet food items delish!

Their delectable gourmet collection includes a fine selection of tapenades, tapas, infused oils, culinary herbs and a plethora of mouth-watering sauces! Stop by and try for yourself - you won't be disappointed!

About Artfest Toronto:

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery

Artfest Toronto hosts 2 outdoor art and craft shows. Celebrating painting, photography, sculpture, fine craft, live music and more from Canada’s top artists. Set throughout the cobblestone lanes of the Distillery Historic District in downtown Toronto. FREE admission

Spring Art & Craft Show

May 20-22 2017 (Victoria Day Weekend)

11am to 6pm daily

See who is Exhibiting in 2017

Fall Fine Art & Craft Show

Sept 1-4 2017 (Labour Day Weekend)

11am to 6pm daily


Sabrina Parish leads Artfest Toronto's Children's Programming!

This Victoria Day long weekend at Artfest Toronto, send your children off to a FREE art workshop led by Sabrina Parrish.  

Sabrina Parrish was born and raised in the heart of Collingwood, Ontario. Her general interests lay in art, cooking and nature. She has been teaching young children as well as adult art classes for the past few years, working in schools, classrooms, galleries and studios.

Sabrina believes that working strong technical skills and historical components into lessons is important. Having said that, she also believes that having fun and being able to express yourself through art is equally as important.

Sabrina started with Artfest Kids in May 2014. She's travelled to the distillery in Toronto, Port Credit and Kingston for Artfest to develop and facilitate children's art programming. Sabrina's arts education started twenty years ago when her mom enrolled her for weekend art classes in Collingwood taught by none other than Artfest's show producer, Lory MacDonald. Sabrina was hooked.

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Special Children's Programming at Artfest Toronto!


Artfest Children's Programming

May 20 - 22 ~ Toronto, Distillery District

Artfest Kids Create & Learn

Kids love art and Artfest loves kids! This year at Artfest Toronto, we are offering a slew of amazing children's art workshops that you won't want to miss out on!   Get ready to join in on the creative fun with artist Sabrina Parrish as your Artfest Artist guide. Kids can drop in anytime to experience new art activities all weekend long from 11am-6pm.

Artfest Kids Toronto Schedule:

Collagraph Canadian Flags!

Show your Canadian pride by waving your handmade flag! Today we will be experimenting with Collagraph Printing techniques to create your own mini red and white Canada flag!

Watercolour Landscape Silhouettes!

Let’s explore Canada’s amazing scenic landscapes coast to coast - Artist’s will learn all about composition, foreground, middle groud, background and horizon lines using a variety of paint resist techniques. Come create a colourful Canadian landscape painting!

Make your own Pom Pom Creatures!

Learn how to create your own colourful, fluffy pom-poms! We will be adding on google eyes, feet, wings, antenna and tails to give our pom-poms their own unique personality!

Artfest Kids will bring out the creative nature in every child.  At Artfest, introducing children to the arts is one of our mandates and we have seen that creative kids become our innovative future leaders. As your family strolls through the Distillery District, you will notice many interesting things that the artists have created. Take advantage of opportunities to talk to artists and artisans from far and wide and learn about the methods they use for creating their art. There are amazing things to discover! We hope you’ll come and experience Artfest Kids fun!

View some of our Artfest children's creations here.

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Get Ready to Rock at Artfest Toronto

Artfest events always present performances by wonderful musicians to enhance the great atmosphere for visitors. We keep the music low-key so it doesn’t overpower the art scene, but engaging to make your time with us very enjoyable. The show opens Saturday with Andy Griffiths and his energetic and passionate rootsy-folkin' rock tunes. Listen to his hit Running on Empty and get ready for a memorable performance at Artfest Toronto this Victoria Day long weekend. 


Andy Griffiths at Artfest Toronto!

ANDY is an energetic rootsy folkin' rock singer/songwriter who writes from gut feelings and personal experiences.

He sings lead and plays a driving rhythmic/percussive style on acoustic guitar. Catchy melodies and tight vocal harmonies are prevalent throughout his tunes.  Check him out at Artfest Toronto.  

On Sunday the 21st, join the duo, Melody Fair, as they present their collection of beautiful guitar rhythms and sweet melodies.

About the 'Dynamic Duo'...

David Wipper has a solid background in recording and concert performance. You will recognize his distinctive style from Grammy Award winning hit song Black Velvet and other hits by Amanda Marshall, Rita Coolidge and Return Trip.

Hazel Wipper hails from folk band Jesse and later the Decades and sings gorgeous lead with her partner David in Melody Fair. They perform a wide range of folk and rock classics showcasing David’s stellar guitar skills and Hazel’s amazing voice.

Tim Bovaconti_Patrick Allcock.jpg

Tim Bovaconti & Patrick Allcock

Tim Bovaconti & Patrick Allcock will be groovin' on the stage this Victoria Day!

Join us throughout the day on Monday May 22nd to listen to Tim Bovaconti and Patrick Allcock. Tim Bovaconti is lead guitarist with Burton Cummings and Ron Sexsmith as well as an artist/producer in his own right. Patrick Allcock is a songwriter and musician whose newest solo album will be released in the near future.

Tim and Pat have been sharing the stage for almost two decades in the Toronto area, as a duo or with a full band. They are well known for their harmonies and musical sense of fun, playing classic tunes (but not always the most obvious choices!) and always providing a good time! 


Baby Gifts in Organic & Naturally Dyed Cotton

After a career in the fashion industry as a designer, manufacturer and teacher, Catherine Soucy ended up in the e-commerce industry. Nonetheless, her passion for sewing continues as a proud designer of  handmade and dyed, organic cotton baby clothing and gifts.

This year at the upcoming Artfest Kingston show for Canada Day long weekend, Catherine will be featuring her brand new line of organic cotton, handmade clothing, for babies. Should you happen to miss the Artfest Kingston show, Catherine will be also be exhibiting her fashion line in September at the ArtfestToronto show at the Distillery Historic District

Catherine Soucy's passion for sewing goes back to when she was just a small child.  She has always loved making clothing for kids.  At age four, Catherine began sewing and she hasn't stopped since.  Her one-of-a-kind Catherine Soucy clothing line is created with care and love from organic cotton that has been hand dipped in natural dyes.  

Catherine is thrilled to present you with her Eco-friendly collection of clothing and gifts for babies at two of Artfest Ontario's events, Kingston & Toronto. Visit her website to order online or to see her remarkable collection: https://www.catherinesoucy.ca/.

Artfest Line up - Quickly Approaching!

Celebrate Canada with Artfest Ontario! 

This year, we are celebrating Canada's 150th birthday and Artfest Ontario is excited to announce our summer line up of fine art and craft shows featuring Canada's top artists and craft designers!

Come join in on the excitement and kick start the spring season at our upcoming Artfest Toronto Show at the Historic Distillery District.  The show starts Saturday morning at 11 a.m. and runs daily from 11-6 right until holiday Monday at 6 p.m.  Canadian's across the country are celebrating Victoria Day in honour of Queen Victoria and her birthday, which falls on May 24, 1819.  Hence why Victoria Day weekend is also known as May 'two-four'.  

Artfest Toronto is showcasing some of Canada's finest art and craft work by exhibiting over 75 artists/artisans for over 10 years now. Check out our list of outstanding exhibitors here. Set along the cobblestone lanes of the District in downtown Toronto, Artfest will be exhibiting in the perfect setting in celebration of Victoria Day. The Distillery features an exquisite selection of fine restaurants and cafes and is home to a blend of Victorian Industrial architecture and 21st century buildings.  

From cozy comfort food to the decadence of French Fusion cuisine, the Distillery District’s restaurants are the perfect place to celebrate - whether it’s a milestone or just a beautiful day.
— The Distillery District

Artfest Toronto is a FREE event and hosts children's workshops, live music and a collection of gourmet foods to die for.  Check out our rockin' Artfest performers here and our Children's Art Programming here. Get ready, Artfest has a line up of four spectacular art and craft shows this spring, summer and fall!  Escape this Victoria Day long weekend and come see us at Artfest Toronto, May 20th to 22nd.  

Artfest Ontario 2017 Show Dates:

  1. Artfest Toronto at the Historic Distillery District - May 20 - 22
  2. Artfest Port Credit, Memorial Park - May 26 - 28
  3. Artfest Kingston, (where) - July 1-3
  4. Artfest Toronto at the Historic Distillery District - Sept. 1 - 4

Scroll through some of our exhibitors art and craft photos and have a sneak peak at what will be offered at this year's 2017 Artfest Toronto event at the Distillery District!   


Artfest Celebrates Canadian Art & Craft over the past 150 years!

Canadian Art & Craft over the past 150 years is something to certainly celebrate in recognition of our outstanding artists and artisans across the country. Please check out our Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Art blog postings here and feel free to share our Artfest Blogs with all your social networks.  

Scroll through the following slideshow to view some of Canada's talented artists over the past 150 years!  

For a list of Canadian Art Galleries, click here. 

Celebrate art and craft with us by sharing your stories and artwork with us and of course, please feel free to LIKE our Social Media pages. Artfest Ontario hosts four fine art & craft shows yearly. Our events are FREE to the public and held outdoors in beautiful historic settings.

at the Distillery Historic District is celebrating it's eleventh year!

The Artfest Ontario 2017 show dates are: Artfest Toronto at the Distillery - Spring ~ May 20-22 and fall ~ Sept 1-4 2017.

Artfest Port Credit - May 26 - 28 & Artfest Kingston, July 1 - 3.  

Artfest Facebook Pages

Artfest Port Credit

Artfest Toronto

Artfest Kingston

Artfest Twitter Pages

Artfest Port Credit

Artfest Toronto

Artfest Kingston



Artfest 2017

Artfest has four events planned for 2017. Artists from across Ontario and Quebec will gather to exhibit twice in Toronto at the Distillery District on May 20-22 and Sept 1-4; in Port Credit May 26-28 at Memorial Park, and in Kingston on Canada Day weekend July 1-3 in City Park.

Canadians are celebrating across the country for Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. Artfest has many special arts programming activities planned at our events to commemorate the year. Watch for updates and announcements as our projects are announced. It is going to be a great year! Celebrating 150 years of Canadian Fine Art & Craft.

Here is our new 2017 Artfest graphic which you will see on all of our promotional materials.

Artfest 2017- Canada 150 Graphic.jpg
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Children's Workshop Director Sabrina Parrish joins us at Artfest Toronto!

Read more about Sabrina here. Free Artfest Kids programming is happening all weekend this Labour Day long weekend at the Distillery Historic District.  

Artfest’s mandate is to celebrate artists and crafters of ALL ages. Artfest show producer Lory MacDonald also organizes the largest children’s art exhibition in Canada, the Magic of Children in the Arts, in Collingwood Ontario.  Over 1000 kids exhibited their artwork in the 2016, 22nd annual show. She clearly has a passion for encouraging youth and their creativity. Sabrina Parrish, Artfest’s children’s art programming director was one of the first child artists in that event. She now designs and teaches art lessons for all ages.  We are proud of Sabrina's progress as an artist and she is a big part of our children's FREE arts and crafts programming.

Artfest is the place to be this weekend with FREE kids programming for all.  Check out what's going on - here.

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Artfest Toronto's Media Sponsor Epoch Times introduces the Shen Yun Symphony


"Artfest Toronto is proud to have the support of the Epoch Times who is bringing the Shen Yun Symphony to Roy Thomson Hall, October 23rd at 2:00pm.. The Shen Yun Symphony brings music from 5000 years of Chinese civilization to life."

The Shen Yun Symphony brings music from 5000 years of Chinese civilization to life.

The performance is a fascinating combination of Eastern and Western musical traditions that no other orchestra has ever captured. This 'transformative experience' is one you won't want to miss. Purchase your tickets at Artfest Toronto in Booth C4 on Casegoods Lane. Sept 2-5, 2016.

Shen Yun Dance 2017 World Tour

To Purchase your Shen Yun tickets ~ Book here.


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Thank-you Artfest Media Partners!

Artfest would like to thank our media partners for sharing our event information and news! 

Our ads run on the following dates with our media partners:

  • Toronto Star: Sept 1, Sept 4 (Thursday & Sunday, Entertainment and Insights Section)
  • Now Magazine: Aug 26, Sept 2
  • Downtown Bulletin: August Edition
  • Beach Metro News: Aug 23 Edition
  • Epoch Times English August 25th Edition, \Chinese August 30th Edition
  • Jazz 91.1 FM: Aug 24- Aug 29
  • Akimbo - Ad online now, Eblast goes out August August 27th & 30th


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Artfest Welcomes New & Flourishing Artists!

Some exciting new artists to see at Artfest are:

Morgan Jones Art, Art By Misbah, Garth Laidlaw from Art Story, David Trotter, Maria Iva, Art We Wonderful, Cheryl Miles Goldring, Garry Revesz Photography, Times Gone By Studio, Basket Case, Cuir Philamain (leather), Left Align Design Art Studio, Halina Stopyra, J. K. Ribout Photography, Krajewski Gallery, Nicole Moss Art, Sip and Paint (Jibola Fagbamiye), Dances with Ghosts, Sorian Art, The French Laundry and Verbeek Glass.

Plus many of your Artfest favorites.

Artfest Toronto is celebrating 10 years of fine art & craft shows at the Distillery Historic District. The show has grown in quality and stature over this time, and is Toronto’s favourite arts event to attend on the last long weekend of the summer. Expect to see many Torontonians and visitors from all over at the show. We advertise and promote the show widely and draw a great mix of ‘handmade in Canada’ lovers. The Distillery is the perfect setting to step back in time when everything was handcrafted. Stroll the cobblestone lanes and enjoy award winning restaurant menus, craft beer and wine.

See you all this Labour Day long weekend for an event unlike any other!!

Check out these talented artists at Artfest Toronto this year and have a look at their work in the slideshow below.  You'll be truly amazed!  Artfest welcomes our new artists and we hope you will, too!

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Portrait of an Artisan: Lukian Glass Studios

Ron Lukian and Gail Hall, international award winning glass artisans, have been creating delicate painted hand blown perfume bottles, paperweights, goblets, bowls, vases and ring holders at their studios in Rawdon, Quebec, since 1972. Both are self taught. Their years of experience are reflected in the refinement and quality of their work. Ron blows the glass and Gail creates delicate 'story book' illustrations that capture your imagination and warm your heart.

Since first establishing their studios in 1972, these talented artists, have developed a style that is distinctly theirs. Creating a series of lovely perfume vials as well as goblets, bowls, vases and ring holders, the team will be proudly featuring their glass work at the upcoming Artfest Toronto show from Sept 2nd - 4th, 2015 (This Labour Day long week-end!).


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Wearable art at Artfest at the Distillery!

Devine is synonymous with distinctive, 'One Of A Kind' pieces of jewellery. Ted, Carol and their son, Jake, work in sterling silver, and various karats and colours of gold, usually incorporating precious and semi-precious stones.

Ted is well known for his clean, uncluttered and functional designs … as well as his perfectly fashioned bezel settings. Unusual for their trade Ted, Carol and Jake do all their own work - designing, making by hand, stone setting, polishing and marketing. Carol's background is in interior design combined with her talent for drawing creates the perfect atmosphere to marry an artist's talent with customer's wishes for the numerous custom orders they create each year.

Ted and Carol, along with their irreplaceable manager Tracey enjoy meeting and introducing all to the unique and wonderful Jewellery on display at Devine Fine Jewellery at the charming and historic Chateau Laurier Hotel in downtown Ottawa. Other venues to view their work include The One of a Kind Christmas and Spring Shows in Toronto, and The Originals Christmas Craft Show in Ottawa.

Devine Fine Jewellery welcomes the opportunity to create that special something for that special someone, whatever the occasion!


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Archival Photography Prints available at Artfest Toronto!

George Gill is a Peterborough based fine art photographer who loves the endless possibilities of photography combined with the power of the digital darkroom.

George’s images evolve from a passion for exploring new areas while immersing himself in the local flare. From an initial image, a story is crafted, encompassing two or more images, amplifying the emotions of the story he envisions in his mind. The final step is a meticulously crafted archival print. George is exhibiting at the Distillery District Sept 2-5 on Trinity Lane at Artfest.

Visit George Gill's website to view his work - George Gill Photography.

Visit George Gill's website to view his work - George Gill Photography.

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