Artfest Kingston Artists Survey Results 2016

Responses to the Artist Survey for Artfest Kingston 2016

The following are the average rated responses displayed in as percentage (10% = unsatisfied- 100% very satisfied)

(100 Respondents)

Where did you stay while in Kingston? 

Hotel             31


AirBnB              8  


Friends          14


Camping       8


Home             21

Other              18 (Includes 7 Queens University 2 St Lawrence College)

                                                                            2015                2016

Rate this Year’s Online application process    94%                  94%


Rate Your Move in Experience                          94%                 96%


Did you Meet Your Sales Expectations?            72%                 76%


Were the Artfest team members helpful?          98%                98%   


Rate your booth location                                    90%                 90%


Were you satisfied the show promotion?          96%                94%


Will you apply to be in the show again?            84% yes            84% yes

                                                                        4% No                4% no


Did your family come to the show?                 N/A                   50%



Artfest Kingston Visitors Survey Results 2016

Artfest Kingston 2016 Visitor Survey Report

Artfest Kingston staff and volunteers handed out 1500 copies of a printed survey to the guests at the Artfest Kingston 2016 event, 800 of which were returned or completed online. (Clicker counter data indicated that 44,488 people in total visited the show over the three-day period.) The surveys indicated the following:

49% of attendees came from 40 km outside Kingston or more

44% of attendees came from 100 km outside Kingston or more

24% of attendees came from Ontario outside the 40 KM zone

6.0% of attendees came from Canada outside of Ontario

13.% of attendees came from the USA

1% of attendees came from countries other than USA or Canada            

73 % indicated that they enjoyed the show while 27% did not answer the question, however of those that did not answer the question 99% indicated that they would either come again next year or would recommend the show to others

31% of those that attended the show in 2016 were first time visitors

The following is a breakdown of how people indicated that they heard about the show: (some indicated multiple sources)

29% in the newspaper

27% on the radio

13% Facebook

12% website

9% television

5% email

2.6% Artfest postcards

1.5% Showguide

30% other (other included that they have been to the show before (9%) word of mouth(61%)  and 4% were just walking or driving by  

and 2% saw the new billboard)

52% of the visitors to the show indicated on their survey that they made purchases from the artists. 75% of these people also attended family programming at the festival.

4.6% of the visitors from outside the 40 km zone surveyed reported that they came to Kingston primarily for the show. That equates to apx. 2046 people. 20% of these people or 409 stayed overnight in local hotels that included the Ambassador, ConfederationPlace Hotel, Holiday Inn, Ramada Inn, The Travel Lodge Delta, The Belvedere, The Bayside Hotel and Queens and St Lawrence College residences.