Artfest Kids Create & Learn

Kids love art and Artfest loves kids! Join in creative fun with artist Sabrina Parrish as your guide. Kids can drop in anytime to experience new art activities all weekend long from 11am-6pm.

Shadow art!

Experiment with shadows, shapes and watercolour paint! Using small objects, we will form, draw and overlap shadows to create the composition of our art work. Then, add bright water colour paints to complete our masterpieces!

Shibori Bunting!

Try your hand at textile art! By folding, twisting, wrapping and dip dyeing fabric we will creating a unique set of hand dyed fabric samples. To finish off our project we will sting them together to create a unique family flag.  

The Perfect Circle - Abstract!

Create an amazing abstract painting on our spinning table tops! Using acrylic paints in all the colours of the rainbow artists will create unique concentric circle paints. 

Comicstrip Stamping!

Create your own comic strip using homemade stamps! We’ll be inspired by Pop Art images and old news paper comic strips. We’ll start by designing interesting text and character stamps.

At Artfest, introducing children to the arts is one of our mandates and we have seen that creative kids become our innovative future leaders. As your family strolls through the Distillery District you will notice many interesting things that the artists have created. Take advantage of opportunities to talk to artists and artisans from far and wide and learn about the methods they use for creating their art. There are amazing things to discover! We hope you’ll come and experience Artfest Kids fun!